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Midnight Snack Links: Ugh Edition

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After two gutty road wins in Denver and Glendale, the Canucks were as poor as I can remember against Toronto. But as much news as their was on the ice, there was lots of news during the broadcast.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Elliotte Friedman was a fount of information on Hockey Night in Canada. During the Saturday Headlines, he mentioned Burrows' future with the team. And after the game, he alluded to a split between ownership and management over whether or not it's time to tear things down.

The mercifully Damien Cox-free Saturday Headlines dropped this bombshell:

George: What about a guy like Burrows and the Canucks? He has a no-trade clause. Where's that at?

Elliotte: But, the word is that if the Vancouver Canucks, who are doing a youth movement, want to move Alex Burrows, and I don't know what the market would be he's got $4.5 million next year. But if they want to, he would be wiling to go.

Here's the video (where he also discusses Minnesota Wild firing Mike Yeo, outdoor games for next season, Steven Stamkos, and negotiations between Andrew Ladd and the Winnipeg Jets):

All credit to Alexandre Burrows and everything he's given to the franchise. I suspect if they were to retain some salary, there could be a market for him. As it is, I think moving him at that cap hit would be a mighty task.

Then, on the post-game panel discussion of the 5-2 loss, Friedman referenced disagreement between Jim Benning and Francesco Aquillini over the immediate future of the Canucks.

Elliotte: I'm looking at Jim Benning and I see a guy who's a scout. You know, he built up teams, his history is working with organizations to build them up. He's got a good eye, and I see an ownership that's like, well, while we're close and while we're having trouble filling our building, we're not tearing down. And to me, I see a general manager that wants to start over, and I see an ownership that doesn't want to start over, and this to me is a game that says, well, you kind of have to start over.

Here is a link to a screen-cap of the Friedman quote:

It's hard to really know what Elliotte means without knowing the time frame Benning and Aquillini are disagreeing over. Coming off the two road wins earlier this week, I thought Benning was right to say he wanted to wait and see. If that's what Aquillini means -- right now, we're close but let's see where we are in the next couple weeks, that's fine. But if Aquillini is taking a longer term stand -- we're close now, we can be close again next season, we're never selling off, that's a different story. If the Canucks drop out of the playoff race before the trade deadline, they will be close enough to the bottom of the league that it's time to make significant changes.

In the Provies, Botchford seems to believe that ownership will not be pleased to be seen to be standing in Jim Benning's way, especially since they are already seen to have blocked Mike Gillis' recommended rebuild. It's not clear, though, whether this means they will give Benning the time he thinks he needs. Botchford believes the owners were told when Benning came on board that the rebuild on the fly may become a teardown, but he doesn't know if they were paying attention.

As if all that weren't enough, Canucks Twitter was abuzz regarding an online game feed that let people listen to an unedited feed of the commentators during commercial breaks. It was really not much different from what was said during the game, but Jim, Craig and Glenn were all over Willie Desjardins for player deployment. Here is a sample.

From around the league:

Fluto Shinzawa with notes on the Winnipeg Jets and Jacob Trouba, the Toronto Maple Leafs' and Ottawa Senators' next moves, Ryan Murray and his bridge contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Eric Staal and Teddy Purcell.

Larry Brooks believes the Maple Leafs did not clear payroll for Steven Stamkos this summer, but because they have their eye on John Tavares, who becomes a UFA in 2018. Brooks says Tavares and the rest of the Islanders are tired of commuting between a practice rink on Long Island and Barclays' Center in Brooklyn, and that adding a superstar in 2018 meshes with the Leafs planned methodical, multi-year rebuild plan.

The Minnesota Wild fired coach Mike Yeo after the team lost their eighth straight game on Saturday. John Torchetti, coach of the Iowa Wild, will be the interim coach. He'll coach his first game behind the Minnesota bench Monday in Vancouver.

Joe Haggerty of says the Boston Bruins could be both buyers and sellers at the deadline. They could both trade Loui Erikkson and add pieces to bolster a playoff run.

Columbus Blue Jackets are active on the trade front, according to The Fourth Period. The Jackets are dangling Fedor Tyutin, Scott Hartnell, Kerby Rychel, Rene Bourque and Cam Atkinson, while teams have called to inquire about Brandon Dubinsky and Jack Johnson.

Dave Isaac of the Courier-Post says Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall has some deadline trade ideas in mind. Isaac thinks Hextall is more likely to bring in a rental player, rather than somebody with term remaining on his contract.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press reporter Chad Graff wonders if pending-UFA Kyle Okposo would considering signing with the Wild this summer. Okposo is from Minnesota.

Andrew Ladd will either be re-signed or traded by the deadline, says the Winnipeg Sun's Ken Wiebe. Winnipeg had scouts watching the Chicago Blackhawks play the Dallas Stars on Thursday.

Carrie Underwood made light of Ryan Johansen kissing his hockey stick Friday in Tampa Bay.

The Players' Tribune had a camera crew follow Martin Brodeur during his jersey retirement ceremony in New Jersey. Earlier in the week, Victor Hedman wrote a piece entitled How we Play Hockey in Sweden.

On February 16, Barry Melrose will join Steve Levy to co-host the 11 pm ET Sportscenter. Levy will have additional, special NHL guests during the telecast.

Adam Cayton-Holland was on Conan this week. Enjoy.