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Canucks win another for the Moms, downing Arizona 2-1.

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The Mom's road trip was a success as Virtanen and Hansen scored against the Yotes and kept the Canucks playoffs hopes alive.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have thought that a team that continues to struggle to put pucks in the net and gets outshot every single friggin game, would find a way to win both games on this short road trip. I give full credit to the Moms who came along and brought their wooden spoons for encouragement.

I spent most of this morning looking over segments of the game since has decided to screw me over.

Points of interest:

1. The Coyotes play an interesting system. I want to compare it to a 2-1-2 full court press. They rarely have more than two guys deep in the offensive zone and the third forward is usually floating in the slot closer to the blueline than the net. This system is tough to break out against and clogs the neutral zone very quickly. Virtanen's goal was actually a 3 on 4, but the Yotes were all looking at McCann and Cracknell and forget to pick up Jake.

2. The Canucks PP was dreadful. The Yotes PK was aggressive to the point of looking disorganized, but most the time they were willing to engage when the puck got along the boards and they read passes pretty well. The Sedins have never done well against an over aggressive PK. With Edler out, someone will have to step up and calm things down at the point. Hamhuis looked rushed.

3. The Coyotes PP goal had some great passing and some running around by the Nucks defenders who tired themselves out far too fast. An aggressive PK can either be great or lead to a quick PP goal. In this case the Coyotes kept the puck to the outside and the Canucks could never fetch it. Once a cross ice pass was made the goal was too easy.

4. Ryan Miller was on fire last night. People so wanted another goalie controversy this year and after two games like this I am sure there will be an article or two about who should start against the Leafs on Saturday. My choice is Miller. I think he might get traded at the draft this year which is understandable but I like having a vet presence while Markstrom gets tutored from Rollie and Ryan.

5. There were a couple whoa moments last night. One happened on a Sedin rush where Hank got robbed.

And then this save by Biega. Someone sign this guy......wait, oh...nevermind

6. Jannik Hansen's goal was a fluke. And he'll take it. The first line had some good shifts last night and it felt like only a matter of time before someone put one in.

7. Holding on to a lead going into the third should be the one thing that is celebrated more often by the Canucks. Both teams are fighting to get into the playoffs. The Nucks are down two key players and as I said at the beginning, they struggle to score. So a shutdown third period is an amazing sight in Canuckland.

Let's hope the Nucks can find a way to get up for the Leafs and put some more pressure on the Yotes.