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Game Day Coffee- Feb 10/16- Canucks @ Arizona- I'm Okay, You're Okay, That There's What It Is.

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Coming off a strong performance from Jacob Markstrom and the reunited Kid Line, the Canucks make their way to the desert to take on the Coyotes.

I don't know about you, but I came away from last night's game like the Canucks pulled off a bit of a heist. Were they outplayed? At times, especially in the first half of the game,but these days it just seems that a win by this team is always a bit of a surprise. Most of the thievery came from Jacob Markstrom, who had another excellent performance in the nets for the Canucks.

But, as is the case in all crimes, there must be a price paid to society. Last night, the hockey gods decided to smite Brandon Sutter (again) and Alexander Edler. Both have returned to Vancouver, and this could have a major impact on the Canucks and how they approach the looming trade deadline.

The quick fix on D is slipping Alex Biega back in tonight, but someone's going to have to come up from Utica. Will we get another look at Andrey Pedan (not a bad option considering who the Canucks will be facing in the weeks ahead) or will they give a shot to Jordan Subban? The Comets rookie notched his 8th goal of the season, and to put that in context, the Canucks D have managed 12 goals all year. It's gonna be one of these two, and I would love to get a look at Subban, if for no other reason than to give him the confidence boost going forward.

Can't say enough about Jacob Markstrom's performance last night. He's been money pretty much every night, and gives this team a chance to win. It also seems that Miller plays better when he's rested, so why we don't see Markstrom more if the Canucks are serious about making a push for a Wild Card spot is beyond me. That of course would require goal support, and damned if that Kid Line didn't come through for them. But we also had some surprises, too. First, the Matt Bartkowski goal was a nice one, though it means he likely isn't gonna get benched ever now. This goal is as infuriating as it is nice, because why have we waited almost the entire year to see something like this from the D? Nice entry into the zone, Bartkowski gets into the slot and gets the shot on net through a screen.

But then, something so amazing happened the hockey world could scarcely believe it.

Did you see Luca Sbisa there? I mean, he takes the puck in the Canucks zone and blows by Nathan MacKinnon like he's standing still. Sbisa, channeling his inner Bobby Orr, then enters the Avs zone, draws both defenders to him (and what the heck were they thinking, it's Luca Freakin' Sbisa for god's sake) and he takes the opportunity to dish to Bo Horvat, who snipes the insurance goal.

You know, maybe they didn't steal this game. Maybe we're seeing the way this team is supposed to play, and if they can get on a roll here, maybe the play...

Right. Sorry.

Tonight, it's a huge divisional matchup as they take on the Coyotes in Glendale. Arizona was rolling in January, but seem to have hit a wall, and that includes rookie goaltender Louis Domingue. He was the Rookie of the Month in January, but has struggled of late, and another strong effort tonight could see them ripe for the picking. The Coyotes have won just 2 of their last 10, and if you're not on #TeamTank, you should feel good about the Canucks chances to catch Arizona on their quest for a Wild Card spot. They're far from being in control of their own destiny, and I am far from convinced it's what's best for them let alone even possible, but we'll see how it all plays out, hmm?

And just so we're clear, the Canucks won't be grabbing Christian Ehrhoff, who was put on waivers by the Kings this morning, because that ship has sailed, and even pro-rated that's not a salary they can work with.


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