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5 thoughts on the Canucks

Let’s talk about your inner feelings

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks
Should he stay or should he go?
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Hall hit on Philip Larsen

When a hit like that happens and the initial shock wears off, questions start to arise and blame starts to get thrown around. And on a play like that there is more than enough blame to be shared. Hall for sure gets blamed for taking the body when the other player is in a vulnerable spot. Markstrom, Sbisa and Larsen also have to share some blame for a lack of communication on the ice and not seeing Hall lurking on the other side. It just shows all three were watching the puck and not the players. But more importantly, and I wrote about this when Daniel Sedin took that cheapshot from Kadri, I blame the owners for not stepping up and protecting the players. You can go back and read all the points I made then and they apply just as much now. Francesco Aquilini has let Vancouver fans down repeatedly over the years when other teams have taken runs at the Sedins and others. And other owners can surely be blamed for not speaking up a well. From a business stand point, it is just stupid to leave in rules that let your product be less than 100%.

Trevor Linden’s comments

I get where Trevor is coming from when he says

“We have Daniel and Henrik Sedin here, who are very important to this organization and icons in the city. They’re not going anywhere. I don’t know how I walk into the room and tell these guys, “Strip it down.” I’m not sure it’s fair to these guys.”

Trevor was unceremoniously shipped out of Vancouver once and he personally won’t put the Sedins in the same spot he was put into. I can respect that. At the same time though, it sends a message that a rebuild won’t occur until the Sedins retire.

And I think after 2+ years a clear direct message needs to be sent out to the fanbase. Are the Nucks going to rebuild or will the team continue to try and be a playoff contender. I think the playoff contender route, which I have been a fan of, just won’t work at this time because of the players available in free agency. The new CBA really has changed the way teams structure themselves.

The other thing Linden said that I do agree with… that Vancouver fans should not put their trust in ping-pong balls. How badly did we get fucked over last year? We still don’t walk normal. Juolevi could be a great defenseman in the future, but he is no Laine. or Matthews.


Our newest rookie has created quite a stir so far with his hustle, skating and willingness to shoot anytime and from anywhere. The question I have is, when teams start to study him more closely and get a guy out him before he can shoot, how will he adjust. Troy forced a lot of shots last game that had no chance of getting through. The rookie is now going to have to adjust his game so he doesn’t become another “shinpad shot” Edler.

Dorsett-less Canucks

I know in this new “fighterless” NHL the loss of a guy like Dorsett should have no effect on a team, but I think we saw a spot of change in the fourth line last game when Gaunce stepped up and started throwing lefts. Gaunce has been a target for me all year because he either has the worst offensive luck ever….or no offensive talent in the NHL. Everyone probably disagrees with the latter and yet Gaunce has never scored an NHL goal with his stick. Changing his game to become that guy that steps up to fight and change the tone of a game is one way of sticking around until he scores. The one thing that surprised me besides the fight….and the left hand…(he’s full of surprises) is that the fight was not staged. It was two guys who obviously didn’t like what the other was doing and so they agreed to drop the gloves. Got to love 4th line players.

Ryan Miller

There have been rumors about re-signing Miller. I’m not sure I understand why that would be the case……unless the belief is Markstrom is not the goalie of the future. I can understand signing Miller for another 2 years and then Demko is ready. But that is still a lot of money tied up in two goalies then.

Added 6th thought

GMJB said he wouldn’t ask players to waive their NTCs. Of course he has to say this so he can sign future free agents. Which free agent would want to sign with a team that will ask you to leave when they want you to go.

I think GMJB is a little smarter on this front. He may go to a guy like Edler and say, “Eddie, you’re past 30 and this team is going to rebuild. You can stay with us during this time or try to go win a cup. Your choice.” Putting the decision on the players is the smartest thing a GM can do.