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Canucks win 2nd straight at home

Henrik Sedin scores in O/T as the Canucks beat the Ducks.

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks - Game One
We love AMFB
Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Hello fellow Canuck fans,

Let me weave a tale of woe and happiness that has some despair and hope sprinkled throughout it as well. We might need a vacuum cleaner after I’m done.

The Anaheim Ducks waddle into town finishing the second half of back to back games. Last night they beat that team in Alberta that wears yellow and orange and then flew into town, which is unfortunate for the Roxy as I’m sure Carlyle put his foot down and made the players go get sleep.

Every time the Ducks come into town we have to hear about the return of Kesler and Bieksa. These two are the ying and yang of old Canucks. I love Bieksa…he was slower than snot during his last season with the Nucks, but his personality made you forgive him. And at the other end of the spectrum, fuck you Ryan Kesler. All the hard work, blood and sweat you put into your game while you were here are moot, because you lied to the fans and put the organization into a shitty position where it couldn’t get the best value for your old ass. Instead you insisted on going to the Ducks. I doubt I will ever let this anger go. Fuck you Kesler.

The Canucks are 10 points behind Anaheim and haven’t beat them in two previous meetings so far. Since 2012-13 the Nucks have only beat the Ducks 6 times and 3 of those were in a shootout. On the bright side, the Nucks are coming off a nice win against the Kings. Let’s enjoy that win for one more second……………………….ahhhh……….yeah.

Tonight was Alex Burrows 800th game in the NHL, all with the Canucks. Makes you hate Kesler even more.

1st period

Burrows got the start with the Sedins. Wishful thinking to lead off the game. The Ducks were nice enough to give the Nucks a PP early on in the game. Sven was able to get one good shot on net but that was it for the PP. Skille then put one over Gibson’s shoulder and the net.

The Ducks Vermette then decided that Christmas should continue and took another penalty. But the Canucks really couldn’t really set up anything and then Getzlef used Hutton as a partial screen and beat Miller on the PK. Fuck Ryan. You can decide which one I’m taking about.

I saw the list of team Burrows played for and I wonder how the fuck Baton Rouge got a hockey team?

I also realize that I hate watching Anaheim play under Carlyle. Boring hockey. That’s why Kesler is doing so well this year. He thrives in those conditions. You would think that you would set up a system that gets chances for Perry and Getzlef….not Kesler.

Have you noticed that I haven’t said much about the game? With 8 minutes left in the period, the Canucks haven’t been able to pass the puck to each other, let alone get into the Ducks end.

Here is a haiku to make up for the lack of Canuck pressure:

Burrows played tonight

The Canucks can’t get a shot

Fuck you hard Kesler

The Canucks must have liked my haiku as Bo got a shot that went through the crease and then Loui got an actual shot on net. Then Stetcher took a shot that Daniel almost tipped past Gibson. One last little bit of pressure from the Nucks, but no luck.

2nd period

I am not a fan of Gary Valk. This bold statement comes after listening to Valk during the intermission. I always wonder why mediocre players are the ones who become tv analysts?

The period didn’t start that great for the Nucks as the Ducks scored 52 seconds into it. A tip from a point shot got under Miller and Rakell put it home. Willie looked at his magical screen and said, “um, that don’t look right.” and he used his coaches challenge. And when that happens it is an automatic bad decision and Willie loses a timeout. And Lindholm then got credit for it.

The Ducks continued to be generous and gave the Canucks another PP as a puck was tossed over the glass in the defensive zone. The Canucks had better puck movement but no real shots, whereas the Ducks got another great chance on the PK that Miller saved with his head.

The Canucks PP has a fundamental issue that can’t be easily fixed. They have great patience passers and some guys that want to shoot, but they don’t play well together. The Sedins make passes that have to be shot right away, there can be no hesitation. The shooters on the team want to shoot when they are ready. Tough match.

Brendan Gaunce was playing tonight. He took a shot. Gibson saved it.

Getzlaf decided that he needed a break and took a penalty. He didn’t really think that there was any threat to the Ducks lead. That’s how cocky he his. Well his name is Ryan. The second unit decided to call Getz’s bluff and Eriksson tipped a Hutton shot by Gibson. They gave the goal to Ben…but they’re wrong.

Lindholm then does his WWE leg sweep on Skille as they both race towards the Ducks net. The second unit moved the puck around really well and Horvat tried to pull one around Gibson. No luck on this PP. The Canucks then decide to return the favor and Skille took down Perry. I can forgive that.

Just before that penalty this happened:

This could be the start of standing Henrik as shots to the back are not a good thing.

The Ducks PP is better at moving the puck and getting shots. Ryan Miller was able to stop Corey Perry from scoring into a wide open net after a scramble in front of the net.

A minute later the Canucks hit the post on a tip shot. This period was definitely more open than the first.

Let’s have another haiku:

The Canucks scored..yeah!

Henrik was hit in the back

Ryan Kesler sucks

I heard Gaunce’s name with 1:20 left in the period. He ran into a Duck. No goals.

I was kinda hoping Kesler and Burrows would actually drop the gloves after a Gibson save.

Period ends 2-1 Ducks

And now for this:

3rd period

Did you know that the Ducks were 10-1-3 in their last 14 games in Vancouver? I’m not surprised. But Jack Skille would have none of that stat as he gets in front of the Ducks net and cleans up the garbage to get one by Gibson.

Bo Horvat is going to get a lot of kudos for passing the puck to the net which then passed it back to Bo.

At this point the Ducks decide to take another penalty, which seems like a bad idea to me, but what do I know? The Ducks were able to withstand Horvat and the PP, but I’m sure Carlyle will have something to say about all of these penalties.

9 minutes into the period and I saw Gaunce on the ice.

The Ducks started their own push back with 10 minutes left in the period. They went back to the neutral zone clog up and the Canucks had a hard time entering the Ducks zone. The Sedin/Loui line finally got in the zone and cycled their way to some opportunities until that rat bastard Kesler knock Daniel off the puck.

The Ducks came back down and fired a couple in Miller’s direction, which Groot got in the way of. Could you imagine Groot as a goalie? Would he have to move?

Groot is a big guy

If he was a goalie now

No shots would go by

You know who is almost as un-noticeable as Gaunce…Brandon Sutter. I almost want him back with the Sedins so he can get a goal and some confidence back.

With 2:17 left in the period, Burrows did some good work behind the net to keep the puck in the zone while the lines changed and then Lindholm tried to take Alex down with a forearm shiver, which lead to the 7th Van PP. The Sedins and Sutter did a good job of getting a few shots on net. But then the second unit never came out….boggles my mind. And then the period ended.


I think I heard Shorthouse say Anaheim was 0-6 in overtime this year. Jinx! The Ducks had it for a full minute before the Canucks touched it. The Nucks had it for 30 seconds and then Anaheim had it for over another minute. Only 1 shot was taken by either team and it was by that bastard Kesler. Finally Daniel Sedin got a shot on Gibson by it was handled easily. The Ducks had a couple 2 on 1s which Miller made a save on and then the Nucks turn it around and Hank shot the puck so hard it nearly broke the net cam.

Canucks Win Two in a Row!