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9 thoughts on the Canucks

4 extra thoughts just for you....brought to you by alcohol.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames
Oh boy...this could be a long 2017....or not if I’m fired.
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9 thoughts at Christmas

1. Canucks have allowed the most goals in the NHL

While The Nucks have played a couple more games than other teams that have a worse GAA, the Canucks are leaders at something in the league by Christmas.

2. Canucks have a winning home record

10-6-2 is a pretty sight for a team that really sucked at home last year. We won’t mention the abysmal road record.

3. Bo Horvat is one point behind the Sedins in scoring.

This is a good/bad news situation. The good news is Bo could reach the 45-50 mark is he stays healthy. The bad news is that the Sedins might only reach those totals as well.

4. Luca Sbisa is the best offensive defenseman on this team.

He is tied with Troy Stetcher with a 1-8-9 total, but gets the nod as Luca’s +/- is +7 while Stetcher’s is -6. Of course you could go with those new-fangled fancy stats that say Stetcher’s CF% (5vs5) is 2.7% higher than Sbisa’s so he should win. I chose Sbisa (sad, I know) because (5vs5) his GF/60 is 0.4 higher than Stetcher’s. Either way, what the fuck Edler?

5. Markus Granlund might get protected in the expansion draft.

The hell you say! He is one of the few Canuck forwards that has a positive CF%. He does have 14 points already, which means he could get 30 points. At the start of the year if I said Markus would have 30 points, you would have all punched me in the gut.

6. Ben Hutton is having a tough year

And rightly so. He is getting some very tough assignments against top lines while Tanev and Edler were injured. This is a season were Hutton is going to learn about defense instead of being free to skate against 3rd and 4th lines.

7. Jacob Markstrom is not a starting goalie.

While he doesn’t have the tendency to let in the Luongo “softie”, Jacob also doesn’t outright steal games for the Nucks. This might be the reason that Miller gets one or two more years in Vancouver.

8. Loui Eriksson has been a disappointment.

And to be fair, he hasn’t found a home on any line so far. The Sedins and Eriksson never stuck together, even though their CF numbers are nice. They have some terrible puck luck together. Let’s hope Loui can find his touch and get 20 this year.

9. Canucks are 7 points out of the playoffs

But only 4 points out of last overall. Canucks have 3 more games in December against division teams and so the Nucks could be knocked out by Jan 1st. Joy!

***Extra thought

Brendan Gaunce can’t score