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Erik Gudbranson Sacrificed to Injury Faeries

Will Undergo Wrist Surgery to Remove Fan's Complaints about his play.

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks
Ouch! My Wrist!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

One defenceman enters, one defenceman leaves. It's a league medical rule. Another bad league rule, which some describe as bad luck.

Friday saw the return of Chris Tanev to the ice. Sunday sees Guds to the infirmary. The Canucks balanced defence line up is assured - one half of the line up on the ice, the other half on IR. It's a beautiful game of symmetry, if you like that kind of thing. Would prefer to see all our players on the active roster for more than a few games - but that's what NHL 17 is for.

How long will Guds be out? Indefinitely. Until further notice. Here's what JB had to say:

"Erik suffered ligament damage to his wrist this season that has affected his wrist function," said Benning. "Continued treatment and rehabilitation have not improved his condition and Erik and our Canucks medical team believe that surgery offers the best long-term outcome and are confident in a full recovery. Erik's leadership qualities and strong physical presence will be missed but this is a decision that best supports a long, productive and healthy career."

A timeline for his return will be provided after surgery.

Erik has played 30 games this season - has 1 goal, 5 assists and is a -14 on the season so far. Some might say the -14 was from the Carolina game alone. Others have longer memories. And still others have suggested NM have a sticky sidebar for daily injury updates because it's hard to keep track.

Hope your surgery is a success, Guds, we'll see you next year, buddy!