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Gamethread: Lightning vs. Canucks

Tampa Bay comes looking for Revenge

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the one game our team won on their last road trip? You know, the one where the team beat the other team soundly and kept a lead in the third period? Well, the team that was victimized by an offensive outburst are on a Western Canadian road trip right now looking to extract a little revenge on the mighty Orcas!

The Lightning played in Calgary Thursday night and laid the boots to the Flames, 6-3. Hopefully they used their entire bag of goals at the Saddledome, leaving themselves in short supply for tonight’s contest!

Lightning Fun Facts:

The franchise name is a bit of an anomaly (it’s one of what, 9? Big 4 sports teams that does not end in ‘s’), but is logically named. Tampa Bay and it’s surrounding area is considered to be the lightning capital of North America. The story is that a lightning storm in 1990 gave Phil Esposito the idea to name the NHL team as such.

Steven Stamkos is the 10th Captain in Franchise history. Betcha you can’t name all 10... Even though I’ve looked this up, I still couldn’t name them all. Expansion franchises always have the most unique leadership during the early years of their existence!

The announcer for the Lightning is Dave Mishkin... why’s that noteworthy? When you hear his voice, you recognize him and either love him or hate him because of his style. It’s really interesting how many different types of announcers there are presenting the game.

Alrighty folks, 9 days until Christmas. Let’s hope the Canucks can start delivering early presents to all of the boys and girls of our fanbase!

Go Coconuts Go!