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5 Thoughts on the Canucks

We all had a few drinks after last nights debacle.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

1. When a loss is not just a loss

You would think that if the Canucks had just lost 2-1 or 3-1, it would just be another morning bemoaning the Canucks and their lack of fire power. But instead there will be discussions about one of the greatest 3rd period collapses Canucks fans have seen in a long time. It takes just the right amount of bad luck and suckage to have a team score 6 against you in one period. Colorado had it happen to them against Montreal earlier in the week. But the Canucks were suppose to have a somewhat stable defensive unit that could teams to 3 or 4 goals. But instead Carolina gets 8 and lives up to their team name as a hurricane wiped out the Canucks team and probably their coach.

2. Gudbranson

That was a pretty bad game for him. Pinching at the wrong time…bad penalty…bad defensive coverage. What are the odds that he is traded at the deadline since the NTC guys seem to be safe?

3. Defensemen

The defensemen should have to watch their performance in Carolina repeatedly this year. It was the perfect living and breathing example of a shitshow.

1st Hurricanes goal: Guds pinches too far in and Hutton lets the middle guy get behind him to score.

2nd goal: Biega loses sight of Skinner and Skinner gets behind Biega to score on a rebound (Guds in the box)

3rd goal: Inability to clear puck leads to some fantastic passing by the Canes, which confuses the shit out of Guds and Skinner gets in front of him and deflects one passed Miller, who then gets steamrolled thanks to Guds.

4th goal: All 5’11/170lbs of Derek Ryan was able to out muscle Biega and Tryamkin to get position in front of Miller to screen him on Hainsey’s shot.

5th goal: Both Guds and Hutton stuck behind the goal line, and they turn over the puck to Derek Ryan who then passes quickly to Rask on the far side who is all alone to score.

6th goal: Tryamkin tips one by Miller.

7th goal: Both Staal and Lindholm get behind Groot/Biega. Staal scores.

Stetcher/Sbisa was the only pairing that held their own last night. I Know. This is where plus/minus gets a bad rap….Guds was the only defenseman that was negative (-1).

4. Sven

It always sets off warning bells when young players turn into a healthy scratch. The media goes crazy over this, but sometimes to get a player away from their bad habits they have to sit a game or two. That was the case with Sven. Before being scratched he was looking to pass more instead of driving to the net like Skille wants to do everytime. Willie has been one to shake up the line up and sometimes get upset that he would bench a guy like Sven but not a guy like Dorsett. Sven seems to have responded pretty well, don’t ya think?

5. Willie

Coach seems to make the list most weeks. That’s the kind of year it is. As pointed out by many, management opened their big mouth and said playoffs were a goal again this year. If you look at the Canucks roster…and then other rosters in the division, there is a consensus that it is just not possible.

I have been a Willie defender on NM. But I also understand that games like last night have bigger ramifications. Could Willie have stopped the implosion last night? I don’t know. He trusts his players to make better decisions and run the system, but it seems that with a 3 goal lead all that went to hell in a handbasket.

I didn’t think Willie was going to be re-signed but trying to squeeze greatness out of mediocrity would be tough for Scotty Bowman. This non-rebuild rebuild will actually begin the moment the Sedins retire, not the moment Willie is fired.