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The morning after the night before, 1 December 2016.

After 2 wins in a row everything is sunshine and lollipops

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks
Hugs for everyone!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all,

It’s the first of December and I’m the stopgap measure that will fill in today as Vox media has decided to change the secret handshake for a few contributors and made it impossible for them to feed the masses today.

We all know that December is make or break for the Canucks. 15 games in 31 days, with a 5 game eastern road trip starting next week. Let’s not forget the game Saturday against the Leafs, which should be fun for the refs. But the real make or break games are the last 4 against division rivals.


Botch does a nice piece on Burrows and Sven here, but he also has to give the not so gentle reminder that their scoring is not sustainable well…because….either it’s just his nature or it’s true.

Kuzma talks about the effect of Manny with faceoffs here. Canucks are 7th in the league? I guess we can finally admit faceoffs don’t win games. let the bickering commence.

In one last article from the Province (here), Patrick Johnston dares to say the word that shouldn’t be said……”playoffs”. I really don’t know what he’s doing. Saying those things in December usually come back to bite you in the ass in April. He even pulls out fancy-stats to point out that the Canucks are due for more luck. Ha! Like luck cares about stats.

The Hockey Writers put out their daily update which covers the crap surrounding Dougie Hamilton and the rumor mill. I don’t really know if Hamilton if the scapegoat from their crappy start or a wanted commodity? I just don’t pay attention to the Flames.

Here is TSN1040 and I apologize for all the Hamilton talk at the start of the clip. The stuff about the Canucks winning forever comes in the second half.

Ryan Biech of Canucks Army explores the possibility of stealing Ryan Strome away from the Islanders (here). I am pretty sure announcing your intent to steal something isn’t good. If he was thinking of trading for Strome, he didn’t mention what would be going the other way.

Let’s hope we can some of this tonight against the Ducks. Screw you Kesler.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment or two....or twelve if you really think you can win an argument on the internet.

Question of the day: Which type of beer goes with pork chops? That’s what I’m cooking tonight.