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Canucks and Islanders Game Recap : Painfully into the Dark Night ( 4-2 L )

The losing streak that won't die makes the team look bad. The coach look bad. The management look bad. The team owner look bad. Are Canucks fans next?

2nd periods are an acquired taste for road teams...
2nd periods are an acquired taste for road teams...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

You just knew. This was the game of redemption. This would be the big pushback after the lowest point of the season on Saturday. The lowest scuzzbag point of the season.

This game, where even I predicted a big fat in-your-fat-face statement game, a season-saving win - it was the only option. It was there for the winning - the all-out, take-no-prisoners huge statement with big high-scoring words, like breakaway and hat trick. Sad sack Isles have been inhabiting only slightly lighter dark places than the Canucks. They're vulnerable and beat up. We know how to work with that.

And just as I predicted the statement was made.


Boom! Iron Head Dank steals and wheels and shoots and Wooopeee! SCORES!

Leading in the 1st for the 1st time in weeks (months?).  That's it. We're done. All Miller and the D have to do is preserve the lead. Mission accomplished.

Let's enjoy those victorious FIVE minute and FIVE seconds. Where hope sprung like a leaky faucet in east Vancouver on a dark, brooding night during the longest, darkest season of the century.

And why not just end this post now on a high? We won the first five minutes of the game. Yay! Let's call it a night!

A miserable, depressing night that has lasted from late October into November.

And yet, some say self-soothing is wimpy. I say, as a Canucks fan, it's a necessity. In a purrfect world wouldn't have to lower our haunches for cheap puns on a Monday...but because...

..the inconceivably predictable thing happened. Yup. The Isles tied it up. From General Lee (who now plays garbage collector for the Islanders). Started as broken play at center ice and soon escalated to a five alarm tire fire for the Nucks defenders that had special Ed looking for some way to get back on the IR while his defence partner kept an eye out for a sneak Kadri-attack that never happened. Instead, two, count 'em TWO Islanders got behind Miller and the D and played puck-shuffle on the redline until the boredom wore off and the Collector collected a goal for the home team. you know... it's from the rotting roots of bad defensive breakdowns that bad things happen. And worse, they can happen again.


Here's where it gets really interesting. Could the Nucks shuck off the home team comeback momentum for two periods and win it in OT?

Yes. They can. And did. For a few minutes. Until the Nucks department of defence and dry-goalie-hanging decided to trip over themselves and chase pucks, rabbits or rumours and left Kulemin unmolested in front of Miller who showed some nifty unmolested stick work to get the tieing goal.

Except it was more than that. It was the goal that gave the Isles the lead and life and energy and stuff you don't want to give away on the road when you so, so desperately need to drop the heavy weight of the slide of eight.

Still... could be worse. We could go on the powerplay and sink into the stinking cesspool of powerless play. And that didn't happen.

We gotz a goal on the powerplay! All tied up! We win again! Stop the clock, the game. Let's all just move on as equals.

Bo gets his own rebound, sends it over to Granlund who decided to shoot the puck into the net rather than the goalie. Progress, people. Right there, that's progress. It's the kind of goal that brilliantly displays how goals are scored - all the puck needs to do is go behind the opposing goalie and cross a thin redline. So simple...can that technique be repeated? (Yes, it's the mandatory rhetorical question)

Can you feel it? The climb to overcome adversity? The tough road trip heroic comeback? neither.

3RD (and oh so final) PERIOD

This is the point I suggest you stop reading. There's no sweet little surprise ending coming - no gut-busting, locked down team D that takes your breath away into the OT winning Suttering shot. That's not on the tonight's Monday Meatballs menu.

It's the same old same old cold gruel and lose by 2 taste sensation that feels more familiar than the stench of two day old cat pee on the carpet.

It's bad enough that they let Clusterf**k score. But, really, letting Ladd gets his first of year before Loui is just unfreakingly in poor taste. Ladd? FFS. Now the Isles management and their hangers-on (if they still have any) get to tell a feel good story about a snakebit overpaid player. And...what do we get?

(This is the part where I explain the virtues of being cupless for over 45 years and how it sweet it will be when the Canucks bring home the Grail. For our great, great, great grandchildren (if we have any).

Over in the gameshred game thread, our esteemed NM colleague and FormerHab eloquently expressed the collective Nucks Fans angst with this poignant, yet so restrained gif:

The rails have come off the dream comeback season express train. Also the wheels, the cars and exploding sticks have been left in some nasty section of Brooklyn.

What do we have to look forward to next? Hey...let's try for a double double while in the big Apple! Want to? Me neither.

But, the sadistic bastards at the NHL Department of Fucking Over Western Teams Schedules has a big dueling Swedish goalie thing planned tomorrow night at MSG. Be sure to tune in. Or out.

What could possibly go wrong? 10th straight loss to tie the 1997 record when Trev lost his C in the big Mess? Yeah, there's that. And probably worse. Because after the Rags put 5 past Marky to our 1, there's Detroit salivating at giving us the worst streak since losing streaks were invented. Probably in Vancouver. In the seventies and eighties.

So...on the bright side....there is no bright side. Just accept the fact that the Injury Faeries got a jump on the season and the 4 straight season opening wins weren't the most accurate predictor of the next uh...who cares... lose 1 game or lose 10 games, we still have our fan dignity fan outrage. And that makes it all worthwhile. Winning isn't everything. Playing bad defence is just part of the sport. The sport of losing. It's still a sport, right?

Enjoy the turmoil and outcry tomorrow. And not just from American voters. Also from the NM Department of Long Knives and Forks.

Let's dig in and get our fill of lukewarm indignation from the bowels of Canuck Nation. Hmmm...that doesn't sound right. And neither does our beloved team's results.