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The Morning After The Night Before, 29 November 2016

When Alex Edler was out injured, and the Canucks’ defense looked threadbare...

NHL: Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

That didn’t take long, did it? A quarter of the way into the new season, and Alex Edler - Mr Norris himself - has his latest long-term injury:

At this stage of the season, with every point crucial and with the coach’s future being scrutinised, this is bad news for the Canucks. Even if you’re no longer a fan of Edler, he’s a capable NHL player and is a big loss.

What else is happening around the league?


  • We start out with my internet buddy Ryan Biech, who is really moving up in the world these days. He’s written a very timely piece on Troy Stecher, just as Edler’s injury was announced. [Canucks]
  • We need Stecher to play well, especially if these are indeed our pairings:
  • Our next game sees Markus Granlund up against his brother, Mikael. How do brothers fare against each other? [Twin Cities]
  • With everything Benning is saying, Bo Horvat’s extension is going to be a $5m job, long-term. I’m not quite comfortable with that, just yet. [Province]
  • In light of Gerard Gallant’s (apparently) inevitable firing, The Score looked at three coaches who may also be in line for the chop. I swear on my mother’s life, I didn’t put them up to this. [The Score]
  • The NHL injury fairies are killing players this season:
  • Let’s just casually ignore how much of a scumbag Nazem Kadri is, right NHL? [NHL]
  • Is there any way at all we could poach Ryan Strome off the Islanders? Having a Horvat-Strome 1-2 combo in future would be dynamite.
  • 12 goals in 21 games this season. 537 in his career. 32nd all-time in goals scored. 5th all-time in goals per games played? 31 years of age? And only NOW do you think of even more ways to score? Damn, this guy needs a Cup. [NHL]
  • Signs the Cold War is officially over: this headline doesn’t strike fear the way it once did. And I want more KHL players over here, because Sipachyov would be a better option than Skille right now. [National Post]
  • Who is leading the Calder race? While Laine is the sexier pick, I do believe Werenski will win if he keeps up his current pace. [NHL]


Question of the day: What would your pairings be for the next game?