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Season so far: Daniel Sedin

And they said the Sedins were finished. They could not have been more wrong.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports


A few weeks ago it was looking pretty grim in Vancouver. Scoring was down, losses were mounting, pressure was bearing down on Willie Desjardins and Jim Benning, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Fast forward a little bit, and it’s a whole different story. Yes, we’re still losing games. Yes, pressure remains on management. But scoring has improved, and it’s thanks in large part to the efforts of the highest goal scorer in franchise history, Daniel Sedin.

Let’s take a look at Daniel’s season so far, and what we can reasonably expect from him as the season unfolds.



The basic stats are as follows:

Games Played = 22
Goals = 6
Assists = 7
Points = 13
=/- = -4

Daniel has one game-winner, against Buffalo, and leads or co-leads the team in goals, assists, points and GWGs. As seasons go, it’s business as usual for Daniel. Although he’s currently on a 3 game point drought. Ignore that.

In terms of the future, he currently sits on 361 goals for his career - it is highly unlikely he makes 400 this year, and possibly not even next year. He will, however, pass 600 assists some time in the coming weeks, as he currently sits on 594. Another 45 points will see him achieve the 1,000 points milestone, which he is slightly behind course to achieve this season (currently on 48pt pace, 58 was needed at the start of the season).

In terms of advanced stats...make of these what you will. Daniel’s Corsi For % - which has been above 50% in each season since 2007, when the stats began - is currently 52.2% for the season. That’s up on last year.

Daniel’s Fenwick For % - used to determine if the team controlled play while he’s on the ice at even strength -is 51.4%, up from 49.3% last year. However his PDO - which I am told reliably means puck luck - is only 98.0. Which means Daniel has been unlucky. Imagine how much better he’d be doing with more ‘luck’!



Was this not the greatest Canucks goal since 2011? The Shift 2.0 was a thing of tremendous beauty.:

One of the things Daniel hasn’t lost is his positional sense. Look how he got himself open against Detroit:

It wouldn’t be a discussion about Daniel’s scoring without this notorious hit from big-time coward and cheap shot artist, Nazem Kadri:

Daniel still scored. Canucks 1, Pukes 0.

And he’ll take this all day, thanks:



This team needs wins, and Daniel is doing his part. His 8-game point streak which recently came to an end was the longest by a Canucks player in what feels like forever; he can do no more than he already is. It’s up to the rest of the team to address their issues. Daniel scores goals, and he’s doing just fine.

The two main questions are: first, can he stay healthy, and second, can he hit 1,000 points by the end of the season? If he remains healthy, I believe he will achieve the additional 45pts needed in the last week of the season.

We cannot ask any more of the Sedins than 50-60pts - they do that, and this team is well-placed.

What do you think of Daniel’s season so far? Do you expect more? Do you expect regression? Let us know in the comments below.