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Game Recap: Getting Colorado High - Nucks beat Avs in SO (3 - 2 W)

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Win. Lose. Win. The Canucks stick to their streaks - like clockwork.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The 2nd game in a Back-to-Back, I'm tired just typing that. And yet, for the 2nd time on this road trip the Canucks WIN it all! In Regulation O/T and again in the SO! You can't make up this sort of hot/cold win/lose road game strategy. Not even invoking Gauncean geometry can explain it.

The Canucks were unlucky in Dallas (as they almost always are) - and lost a game they could have won - if only Gaunce had scored like he (almost) did in Arizona. But, the off and on actions of the binary hockey gods can't be explained in gibbled words. However, with such a gibbled season, a gibbled streak meter is what we have - brought to you by Stats 500 - the Half Way Measurement Company.

Lose a couple D in the 1st, doesn't matter - binary hockey god rules. Play the 2nd of a B2B a mile-high, doesn't matter - binary hockey god rules.

I'm thinking we could just go ahead and write the rest of season streak recaps now - there can be only ONE. And this one is one of the good ones. I really enjoyed this game - even it was backwards in the mirror on the wall of the restaurant. Have to say, Marky looks good as a right-handed catcher.

First Period:

We won it! On the POWERPLAY! No, I'm not lying - there's video evidence:

Are you not entertained? 2nd unit powerplay goal - to take the lead the Nucks would never lose. You might asking, did Willie change up the PP? Did he put Gaunce on the 3rd unit? These are questions that only you can answer in the privacy of your own weird thoughts.

So what's the bad part?

Well...we lost another #1 D  - which if you're counting at home - means we have a full set on the AIF (Active Injury Faery) list. Edler blocked a shot with his finger. Sure, Groot could do that and the puck would shatter, but not all our D are from Marvel...

Technically, a hand injury is an upper body injury, as long as the hand is kept above the waist. If not, then it's a lower body injury. The status is day-to-day, even though it happened at night. Poor Ed!

But, wait! There's more from the NHL's non-penalty department. It wouldn't be Nucks road trip rules without a dirty cross check going uncalled. Sbisa got nailed from behind.

That's not how you tip the pizza delivery guy. Tough crust on him tho, came back to play the rest of the game. Expect he'll have a bear Sedin stain on his back.

(FYI: bear Sedin stain was the term struck during the 2011 Finals - where the Sedins were cross-checked approximately 17 times per period - and yet came back to score 8 times in game 7 and why we won the Cup - a noble victory that the league denies to this day)

Anyhow...that was a long time ago, when regular season victories happened early and often. Unlike this season where victories happen on a binary schedule that must be obeyed.

Thanks to Marky playing the goalie as well as big bruising D -  he skated out of his net to poke check and take down Mackinnon, the lead was preserved right into the first intermission. And during.

Second Period:

Here's where gets it's really exciting. Tryamkin got his first NHL goal! And just when we were wanting to high five him (using a step ladder) the league's video wizards moved the goal post and photoshopped the puck on the wrong side of the line.

So what else happened? LaBate had his first NHL fight. Which he won. And the Avs tied the game. No big deal, because we know B.G. and his teammates love the challenge of playing hard to win at 5,00 feet in the third on the second of a B2B.

Third Period:

We WON it!! For a time. The BoBurr-NoBaer line restored the massive one goal lead - Bo power-fast-forwarded into the Avs home room, kicked over their crayons, sending a blistering pass to a boundlessly bodacious Burrows who blistered a shot past the Avs backup goalie. Maybe the making backup goalies in to Vezina candidates streak could be done.

Game Over.

Thanks for reading.

But, then Iggy scores. WTF? He still plays and scores at his old and stale age?!? Iggy has scored more goals on the Canucks than he has against any other team.  He must really hate us. Maybe as much as we hate him, when he's not on Team Canada - which he isn't or won't be because he's old and stale.

Fine. Carry on Mile High Game of Fitness Thrones. Marky makes some more great saves and we head into our happy hunting ground...


Boom! We win. Again. Apparently, Marky robbing Duchene at close range isn't enough to land us the extra point. Screw you, NHL and your twisted set of rules. We Nucks fans know we won it in our hearts. So...just to prove that we won it in O/T, the Nucks decided to win the skills comp too.


We Win The Game!!! Again. How many stupid times did we have to win this game just to appease the locals and the NHL? Too many. No matter. Marquis De Save was not taking winning puck requests from the likes of Mackinnon, Rantanen or Duchene.

But our sniper in Nordic snipes, Granlund, sniped one right through not-so-captain Pickard.

Sa-Sa-Sa-Snap! Take that, backup goalie.

And so... all is well that ends. Finally... this game ended. In VICTORY! It's still my rookie season in winning recaps, so please just go with my fully authorised hyperbole. We are the Champions! Of the Rockies. On this night.

Rumours and NHL calendar carpenters have stapled a wild home game onto Tuesday's game board for the Nucks. We always win at home this season. Always = Initial, in the new temporal word play on meanings NM fictionary. You can look it up.

I'm not worried. Are you? Let's not get even more entangled in the binary streak system. Please. We want TWO! A TWO game win streak. Is that asking so much?