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Game recap: Canucks lose 2-1 to Dallas

Dallas crushed the Nucks one game winning streak. No goals for Gaunce.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Dallas Stars
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone know why it is called Black Friday? I’m sure the internet has numerous answers and one might be right, but I just can’t be bothered to go look it up. It is a great way to separate me from my money. The Canucks came into tonight with a one game winning streak. Shut up. Of course who do they get next, Dallas. The Stars have a 10-0-1 streak at home against the Canucks. The Canucks are only 3 points out of a wild card according to Kent in the preview. He might be lying….who knows. I was going to try and outwit jimmi.cynic and his last game recap, but he used all the Gaunce jokes.

Here was the lineup tonight…or something close to it.

No Sven tonight…Skille replaced him.Wait….nevermind.

How do Canucks spend time before the game…

1st period.

First two minutes into the game and Luca Sbisa has an open ice hit and played goalie very well after this defense partner, Tryamkin, blew a tire. If the game ended then, Luca would have been the first, second and third star. And then Jason Megna blew that all to high hell as he lead the breakout and finished it off by blowing past Dan “don’t forget about me” Hamhuis and putting by Niemi. The Canucks scored first.

I know.

Sbisa was not happy about being shown up by a newcomer and decided to add to his stat collection by dropping the gloves with Roussel after Luca took a hard hit behind the Canucks net.

The Stars had a chance on a break with Seguin hitting the post and then getting stopped by Miller on the rebound. The Stars got the first powerplay of the night as Chaput tripped a Star…accidently? Ha. The Stars weren’t able to convert the advantage, especially since Horvat kept getting his stick and body in the ways of passes and shots. I was a very back and forth period with some nice opportunities for both teams. I’m giving the player of the period to Sbisa, even though he did make his usual pass to no one which almost led to a scoring chance for Dallas.

2nd period.

I started out the period with a glass of Zacapa XO and Dallas started out with a penalty. I’m sure Dallas wasn’t too worried to face the 28th ranked PP of the Nucks. And in fact the Stars got the best opportunity of the 2 minutes.

I saw Brendan Gaunce for the first time around the 4 minute mark of the period. I’m sure he played the first period, but I never saw him. Jimmi will try and tell me that Gaunce had a hat trick already. I actually like the defensive paring of Groot/Sbisa. They don’t get cheated when it comes to hitting people.

Meanwhile in Utica tonight…

Megna and Chaput getting minutes while Jake is on the farm. Does Willie have any daughters and did Jake get caught climbing out of their window?

I would be typing more about the game but to be honest there was much going on this period for the first 9 minutes. And then the linesmen decided to forget about the whole icing the puck thing, which leads to a Stars goal.

While Lindell had his goal taking away on the first one, he sucked it up and got his first NHL goal with 4 minutes left in the period. See what happens when the Canucks score first!! They should stop doing that.

After 2 periods the Stars the Stars had the lead in goals 2-1 and in shots 20-17.

What the hell is this?

3rd period

The Canucks are 4-9-1 when they trail after 2 periods. And the good news….umm….anyways. Canucks had an early chance as Sutter got a point blank shot on Niemi, but unfortunately Brandon hit the goalie in the logo.

Burrows then had a glorious chance to tie the game but Niemi took out his sidepiece and literally robbed him. Edler then grabbed one of those exploding sticks before trying to finish another chance.

Score effects was in full effect as the Canucks continued to fire shots at Niemi, who was using every part of his body to keep the lead for the Stars.

It’s time like these when you look towards number 50 and wonder when he will take over the game and get a win for the Canucks. With 6 minutes left in the game, Mr. Gaunce had only played just over 6 minutes in the game so he was well rested.

My favorite moment of the game was when a puck went back to the blueline and Shorthouse said, “and he can’t get it past Edler….yes he can!”

The Canucks got a PP with 2 minutes left in the game as Sharp hooked Sutter as they both raced towards the Stars net. But in case you didn’t see the stat earlier…the Canucks PP sucks. The Canucks tried to cheat by pulling the goalie but it wasn’t enough against Niemi as he closed his eyes and stopped all the shots.

2-1 Stars. I give player of the game to Sbisa. Because I can.