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Nucks Pound the Pooch - Down the Yotes on the ROAD! (4-1 W)

Canucks road victories this season can no longer be counted on one... finger.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It was there. Right there in Glendale waiting for them. The second (and most important) road win of the season was waiting inside the Gila River Arena snuggling under Smith's pads. Who knew?

Brendan Gaunce did. His historic game-winning hat trick is a feat that will never be forgotten accomplished. While Gaunce played a great game - he scored the opening and winning goal - there was some controversy lying about it.

It seems that assertion, while not unexpected since we all know Gaunce will score again in the NHL, is at odds with the collective media/fan narrative. Many are certain he would have scored the first goal if reality hadn't intruded so vehemently and stole his thunder puck. Still...Brendan's wicked shot on Smith filled the lame pup goalie with dread and dark foreboding. That much we can agree on.

Ok, we probably can't, because the Gauncian gambit occured just after the other opening goal, but since this is my recap, my first game winning recap, the timeline will be manipulated to suit the editorial bias. My bias. So...Brendan's wicked shot on Smith filled the lame pup goalie with even more dread and dark foreboding. Because...

First Period

Boom! Or rather Burr-Badda-Bo-Baer!  The new revitalized, refreshed, reconstituted Burrows hunted the puck behind the net, startled young pup Ekman-Larsen who paniced the puck out front to a streaking Bo who swept it to the streaking Baer who shot it past a hapless out of position goalie. Yes, the very same dread-filled Smith that Gaunce had (almost) scored on. Or would almost. Whatever.

The BoBurrBaer line was streaking down the ice all game. Since they are polite Canadian kids playing in a harsh, hostile desert arena they kept their jerseys on and only streaked in a metaphorical velocity sort of naked power skating way.

The Comeback Canucks took the lead of the game and never let up. All period! Yes, it's all true. The Canucks took a 1-0 lead into the dressing room after the first and whispered sweet promises of glory into the ear of an eager 1/3 victory.

Second Period

The tension was palpable. Or at least malleable. Could the Canucks keep the lead in the first minute?

Nope. They could not. An innocent shot from the boards was tipped in front of Miller and his budding shutout streak bid was declined. A bad bounce, they happen. Would that erode Miller's confidence? The tension was palpable. Or undetectable.  Because it was the goalie at the far end of the ice that would soon deal with confidence/competence issues.

A strong dump-in by the Canucks was thwarted by an aggressive out-of-net clearing attempt by Smith. Or was it? Sbisa, well known to real some unknown Canucks fans as the puck pouncer, pounced on Smith's weak saucer pass to the blueline and hammered it behind the net, where Granlund chipped it out front to Loui who batted it over Smith's left pad. They should have pulled him then. Either Smith's confidence factor was shot or worse. But, Tippet didn't and that made Nucks fans smile that unfamiliar pucker of puck luck come good.

17. Seventeen seconds later on a BoBurrBaer streaking rush, Bo passed to Burr in the ozone and Burr passed it back to Bo who bo'd it past Smith who tried to look like he had it. He'd had it alright. But, not just yet.

Because Gaunce was coming to score. As is the way with 4th line snake-bitten players, he didn't personally score. No, he gave his best hat-tricked-up scoring mojo to the BoBurrBaer line. You could see it happen on the bench - not actually see it, of course, because it was an unseen channelling hockey code thing.

You could, however, see the BoBurrBaer line Bully Bully Bull their way into the attacking zone where Sven took a shot that went wide and around the boards. To a waiting Burrows who took an innocent looking shot from a bad angle. But, was it innocent? Smith didn't think so, as the sinfully thin puck slithered under Smith's right pad like a sly goalie-pulling hockey god dressed in icy black rubber.

BurrBoom! Hat trick. Not quite for Gaunce, but a hat trick for the Canucks new 1st line, the BoBurrBaer or BurrBoBaer or BaerBoBurr power forward trio of doom. Or something. Tonight they owned the dirty little desert dogs. Yes, the Canucks out played the worst team in western conference. Handled them like they one of the worst teams in the west. Impressive.

Sadly for us WE WANT TEN fans, Tippet said no and pulled Smith and put a non-AHL goalie in net. Oh well...could be worse.

Could they hold the lead in the third against the worst team in the conference? What was the worst that could happen?

Third Period

Nothing happened. And that is the best thing that could happen, next to another a Gaunce hat trick. One 3 goal lead entered, one 3 goal lead remained.


Didn't happen. Ha-ha! The comeback didn't have to. See...a change is as good as losing. No, actually it's better.

And that is how you win hockey games on the road. Score more goals than the home team. A simple formula, sure, but difficult to execute when playing back east against those horrible teams that selfishly win more games than they lose.

And further east our ONE game road winning streak warriors go - to Dallas to play the Stars on Friday. The same team the Nucks beat at home during the popular come-from-behind to win in O/T heartstopper games we so enjoyed endured.

Could this roadtrip be the start of something so unimaginable we can only imagine it in an abstract numerical setting of 2 and 0? Let's mess with Texas and find out!