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5 thoughts on the Canucks

You know you were thinking these things too.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks
Moar Goals!
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Jake is down on the farm and not much news is coming out. He got an assist in a 2-1 victory but the real question is how much longer will be down in Utica. Jason LaBate was brought up to play over Jake, which speaks volumes to his attitude or an injury is trying to work through.


The Canucks PP is atrocious. Dragging along at a 12.1% clip will get you 26th in the league so far. And in the 6 games where they have scored on the PP, the Nucks are 3-1-2. So that means in the other games where the PP has been inept, their record has been 4-9. In those 13 games the PP was 0-37.

I’m sure there is enough blame to spread around. The Sedin cycle has been the go to for the team and it has resulted in PP1 really scoring almost all the PP goals. So the 2nd PP unit really hasn’t produced for the team. So do you get the 2nd out there more so they can improve or do you stick with the unit that actually scores.

Email Willie with your answer.


I think these two names will be the focus of any trade talks this year. I personally would like to see Tanev go before Edler, but I wouldn’t have a problem if both were gone by the deadline. Is it blasphemy that I want Tanev gone? I think not as Tanev has been injured for an extended period of time again this year. I just wonder what we can get for an oft-injured 2nd line defenseman? I say 2nd line as Tanev would be hard-pressed to be a first liner on some teams.

Edler gone is a more realistic option near the deadline as we don’t want to lose him at the expansion draft. Having said that, the Nucks could protect him hoping that Sbisa is taken…or a young forward. But I think it might be time to actually rebuild this team and let some of the Swedish millionaires go.


The jury is still out on this one. I don’t mean the trade, as McCann was sent down by Florida to get some playing time and Guds has played almost 20 minutes a night in every game. The real question is should Canucks re-sign him? You can’t have Edler and Guds both making $5 million/yr. Especially if they both aren’t scoring. I think Guds is a good defenseman at $4-4.5 million/yr…….just not $5+ million.


Neither one has been stellar lately, but do you get the feeling that Miller might be around until the end of the year? Bachman could fill in if Miller got traded, but I think the only way that happens is if Vancouver eats salary and I don’t know how much cap space will be available at the deadline. Unlike last year’s Hamhuis/Vrbata debacle, I would have no problem will Miller sticking around until the end if the Nucks can’t get good return for him.