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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Chicago- Nov 19/16

Low bars and all that, but the Canucks sure turned something as sad as a battle between the 29th and 30th place teams into something that was at times watchable. And while everyone had all the feels about Ben Hutton's awesome OT penalty shot winner, the realization that they have to face Chicago tonight is a splash of cold water back to reality.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks

7:00 PM PT - Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC

TV: CBC - Radio: TSN 1040

It wasn't stellar, but it was another example of how sometimes this team can give you glimmers of hope. Coming back from 2 goals down, led by the guys supposed to be leaders, and a redemption goal for one of the MSM'ers new targets should leave you feeling good. Temper that with who they were playing against, and how many teams are still ahead of them when the smoke clears and that excitement fades.

I suppose the best way to approach this if you want to make it to get to gametime without getting blackout drunk is to look at the random small sample size tidbits out there:

That's good. What else ya got?

Hmm... Anything else?

I'm sorry, did that say that Michael Chaput is our 2nd line C tonight? Yes, he's played well but come on, Willie...

7-10-1 SEASON RECORD 12-4-2
15 Points 26
5th Division Position 1st
Won 1
Streak Won 1
2.06 (29)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
3.11 (7)
3.11 (25)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
2.44 (10)
10.9 (27) Power Play % 19.4 (12)
82.3 (17) Penalty Kill % 70.2 (30)
51.7 (6) Faceoff Win % 49.4 (17)
6.8 (28)
Shooting % 10.8 (4)
50.7 (11)
Corsi For % 49.0 (12)
95.9 (30)
PDO 102.9 (5)

Stats from and


The Blackhawks really feel like the opposite world Canucks. Not only do they always seem to make smart moves when it comes to drafting, they continue to avoid trouble through trades that seem to not make any sense at the time, and then get good luck on top of it all. Unlike the LA Kings, who seem to finally be grinding down to reality, the Blackhawks continue to move pieces in and out seamlessly.

Cory Crawford is having one hell of a season, and that's a good thing because if he wasn't, that embarrassingly bad PK of the Hawks would be presenting a serious issue for them. Instead, it's just a blemish on an otherwise stellar run so far, emerging as clear frontrunners in the West. Again.


So Derek Dorsett is out, but Jayson Megna is in.

And Ryan Miller will dress, but we will see Jacob Markstrom again tonight.

I really don't know how positive I can be over this one. It just feels like a combination let down after exciting win/outclassed by superior opponent written all over it. Remember when the Canucks and Blackhawks were rivals? Good times. Those days are so far removed now it's comical.


Today, it's Iron Maiden covers. Got a few different ones here I think you will enjoy. Up The Irons!

And for the most extreme re-working of a Maiden song I've ever come across...