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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Arizona- Nov 17/16

Coming off one of their worst beatings of the season, yet one where the score doesn't tell the whole story, the Canucks once again find themselves in a game where a loss could trigger a shakeup. Or not. Who the hell knows with this team?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

7:00 PM PT - Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC

TV: SN Vancouver - Radio: TSN 1040

It's at the point now where I miss when the only issue that we had was 2 goalies that were both good enough to be #1's and it tore the fanbase apart. Now, the Canucks are the collective poster children for dysfunction in the NHL, a literal physical example of how not to hockey in every possible category. And with each loss, it makes the management of this team look more foolish for their steadfast belief that this team was too close to being a contender to bother with a reboot that was apparent to everyone else.

We have the Sedins, still valuable, yet looked upon as an anchor, because while trading them away would almost certainly fetch a ransom that would benefit this team immensely, there's probably not a one among the other 29 franchises that could afford their salary. We have a few potential gems for prospects, and some kids like Troy Stecher and Nikita Tryamkin that have been pleasant surprises, yet the D is still a source of concern. Look at Ben Hutton, forced to carry the weight of this team on his shoulders in the absence of Chris Tanev, paired with Erik Gudbranson, a duo that clearly isn't working. He now finds Canucks fans, so enamoured of him last season, putting him in their crosshairs. Note to Stecher and Tryamkin: Welcome to your future.

6-10-1 SEASON RECORD 5-9-1
13 Points 11
6th Division Position 7th
Lost 1
Streak OT 1
2.00 (29)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
2.53 (17)
3.18 (25)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
3.40 (28)
9.4 (29) Power Play % 11.1 (25)
83.7 (11) Penalty Kill % 76.1 (28)
50.8 (8) Faceoff Win % 48.9 (22)
7.0 (28)
Shooting % 9.1 (14)
51.3 (10)
Corsi For % 46.0 (29)
95.6 (30)
PDO 98.7 (22)

Stats from and


I suppose as US Thanksgiving is approaching the Canucks should be thankful for the Arizona Coyotes, who are currently keeping them out of last place. Apart from goal scoring, the Coyotes are worse at just about everything, and while there's been some injury issues, most notably to G Mike Smith, this is a team at the salary cap floor looking to rebuild themselves. And take note, this is how a team starting a full rebuild should look. They're not gonna be like this forever, and with some of the young talent they're starting to amass, will surpass teams treading water like the Canucks.


We almost got fooled. Winning 2 of 3, we thought maybe, just maybe this team might be able to string together something resembling a winning streak. And after a damn good 1st period Tuesday against the Rangers, it looked like they might be able to knock them off again. Boy, did that one go south. The one thing that was keeping the Canucks from looking completely useless was that they were getting excellent goaltending from Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom. And now with both of them getting lit up recently, there's not really any bright spots to look at. And that means looking at what a loss to the last place team could mean. There are some out there who insist Willie D is going to be made a fall guy for incompetent management. There's certainly evidence of this, to a point. This roster isn't going to be world beaters by any stretch. The problem is that while he isn't given much to work with, it's what he has done, over and over again with what he has that is the issue. Usage of players, insistence on rolling 4 lines to their detriment, a reluctance to bench anyone but the kids, all of these things have contributed to the situation the Canucks find themselves in. A loss tonight and they must fire him. It is absolutely insane to think that he can turn things around. This team has won, dating back to last season just 12 of their last 34 games. It's unacceptable. Time for a change, starting with the coach and then we'll look at getting the inept management out of here.


Arizona's given us some pretty good bands over the years, one of them being Sacred Reich. Here's a couple kickass Sabbath covers from the AZ thrashers for ya.