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The Morning After The Night Before, 15 November 2016

When Lindros made the Hall of Fame, and Carey Price was on the verge of history...

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Just the one NHL game last night, a 4-0 shutout for the Lightning over the Islanders. Those Islanders may have John Tavares, but they have very little else. Not every team out there is stacked offensively, as Vancouver media and fans would lead you to believe.

So with no game news, what exactly is happening around the league?



  • After waiting for long enough, Eric Lindros is now in the Hockey Hall of Fame. What a career he had. [NHL]
  • Rogie Vachon made it in as well. Better late than never.
  • The legendary Pat Quinn was also inducted. This speech was amazing. We owe Mr Quinn a helluva lot.
  • I was too young to remember Sergei Makarov. But I enjoyed reading about him. A 31 year old Calder winner? It’s a bit like when Artemi Panarin came over... [Globe and Mail]
  • Looking ahead to 2017, who gets in? Anyone but Recchi, please. [SB Nation]



  • IMac has written a nice piece on Nikita Tryamkin. I say it’s nice, I don’t actually know. I was afraid to read it because Tryamkin is one scary dude. [Province]
  • His hair. He needs better hair.
  • More IMac here. And he’s not wrong - Bo Horvat DOES need more ice time. Let’s get right on that. [Vancouver Sun]
  • JeffPat on Jake Virtanen...this remains a mess that needs a quick resolution. [Canucks Army]
  • Carey Price will equal an impossible-to-equal Canadiens record if he wins tonight: 11 wins in a row, tying the record set by George Hainsworth back in 1927. Records like that aren’t meant to be broken in today’s NHL. [NHL]
  • The Islanders aren’t looking great this season, and it’s possible that a coaching change is in the offing:
  • Think we have it bad? Rumors are already out there that Calgary may consider firing Glen Gulutzan. After less than 20 games. Is nothing sacred anymore? [Calgary Sun]
  • The Arizona Coyotes are getting a new arena. Which is bonkers, because they can’t even fill their old one and should be moved to an actual hockey market. [NHL]
  • Who says the Oilers lost the Taylor Hall trade? What, everyone? Well then please explain this spin, which I found laughable. [NHL]


Question of the day: If the Canucks were to package up Chris Tanev + for one of the Avalanche’s forwards, which would you target: Matt Duchene, Nathan MacKinnon or Gabriel Landeskog?