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The Morning After The Night Before, 10 November 2016

When the world was burning, but the Canucks were on a one-game winning streak...

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Everyone will have their own personal - and very public - thoughts about the result of the US Presidential Election. For me as a Brit, it was a fantastic result. For too long the world has laughed at the UK for its "Brexit" vote. Now it’s America’s turn.

But enough of all that. This is the time for enjoying life, for seeing our Vancouver Canucks tear through the NHL en route to a first Stanley Cup. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?

Let’s take a look at what’s happening around the league right now, because if nothing else, it may take our minds off the league standings.


  • As has already been mentioned here on Nucks Misconduct, Jake Virtanen will be staying in NYC to play for Utica this weekend. I hate every single management quote in this piece. [Province]
  • Darren Dreger’s not as popular as he used to be, but if you care about what he thinks about the Kadri incident, listen to this. [NBC]
  • Brock Boeser is going to be our lights-out game changer. Read on. [Province]
  • Don’t look right now, but those Winnipeg Jets are making hay. Patrick Laine leads the league in goals scored, and Mark Scheifele leads all players in scoring. Who saw that coming? [NHL]
  • Patrick Laine scoring hat-tricks for fun. How’s Auston Matthews doing? Well, I hope he’s eating plenty of carrots, because bag skating in the dark can be dangerous. [The Athletic]
  • Must be tough for the poster boy when he’s not even the best rookie on the team. [Sportsnet]
  • I hate to point this out, but for anyone who thought Artemi Panarin was a one-season wonder riding the coattails of Patrick Kane, think again. This kid is ready for a $6.5m AAV contract, and the Hawks can’t afford it. In the meantime, off to another Cup win they go...
  • Hands up who saw Nail Yakupov being benched? Anyone? What, all of you? Okay. [St Louis Dispatch]
  • The Nucks play Detroit tonight, who will feature none other than a certain Mr T Bertuzzi. That’s Tyler, nephew of Canucks legend Todd, who made his NHL debut this week and looked ready for it. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Zach Werenski scored the OT winner for the Blue Jackets last night. Against the Ducks. Let’s enjoy that while looking at the list of rookie OT winners in BJs history:
  • It feels like we’ve been saying this since the Sedins were drafted, but Anthony Mantha is playing well in the AHL. Should we have traded up to draft him? [Sportsnet]
  • LEAGUE BIAS ALERT: Top 50 NHL defenseman, no Canucks in there. It’s actually becoming very hard to argue this point. But hey, we have Olli Juolevi coming in next year, right? [NHL]
  • I told you guys Weber was the guy you wanted on your team, not Subban. Look at the standings. Look at how each is performing. Nashville lost. [PK Subban Tracker]


Question of the day: How should Willie Desjardins handle Jake Virtanen? And how will he actually handle him?