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5 thoughts on the Canucks

Ramblings of a Vancouver fan with no power.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It sure has been an interesting 2 weeks to begin the season. I know it feels like a month, but it really has been only 2 weeks. We brace ourselves for the worst and the Canucks came out, won 4 straight and shocked us all. Then the Canucks shocked us again by losing 5 straight. That takes a special kind of fan base to get shocked twice in such a small span of time.

I thought I would share with you my thoughts on 5 different talking points since, well……I can. NM is a blog to share differences of opinions….then type in large font that the other is wrong and then we all watch the Nucks lose on Wednesday to the Canadiens. Simple, right?

Fire Willie

This one has been debated quite a bit on NM. In fact Thos did a piece on it right here. The fanbase in Vancouver is a side show unto itself. Some believe Willie should have been fired even after a playoff season and then you add in last year’s result and the roller coaster this year, and the call for Willie’s head is getting even louder.

I am not sure there is a coach or a system that could make this team into a playoff contender. The mixture of players on the Canucks is ….weird. We have some fast youth and some veteran average speed. We’re not a big team and we have no real scoring threats.

I’m not sure what Willie could do besides bring out the chickens and start sacrificing on a daily basis. You can’t teach speed, skill or talent, only system. So Willie could let the young have their share of the ice time, but the belief that talent will magically appear with more ice time is a pretty wild theory. It may build chemistry if lines stay together, but that is almost impossible with the amount of injuries this team gets yearly.

Firing a coach at this point or anytime this year makes no sense. If you’re hollering for a bench change for the sake of change….I disagree.


What a friggin oxymoron. 10.7%. Teenage boys have a higher chance of scoring at the prom. This would be a point of argument when it comes to Willie’s coaching. The system might be broken here. I could also argue that the players are just not capitalizing on this opportunity. The Sedin disease, of passing first…second and third, is a quick illness to catch and hard to get rid of. The Sedins really dictate pace of play and prefer to cycle more, than get in front of the net. It’s not working. If the system doesn’t change then the players have to. This is an instance where I would like to see the Sedins broken up.

The Sedins

We can’t be surprised that the Sedins are slowing, and they are slowing down. It just seems to be pissing me off more this year. Probably due to the fact they aren’t scoring 5vs5 or on the PP. I have made the joke that I think one of them has been snatched and replaced so their passing is now off. Their shot production numbers are not the highest on the team. (Larsen and Granlund have higher SF numbers) and the Sedins CF% is at 50%. So far the Sedins are not driving play.

Trade Tanev

I saw this thread on twitter the other night between Tanbir and Taj on twitter. Here is what I believe; Tanev has been the team’s best defensive defenseman for a few years. Tanev doesn’t drive play or have a big shot. Tanev is guaranteed to be injured for 10 games a year. I would trade him.

Having said that, I’m really not sure what a guy like Tanev can get on the open market. I’m not sure trading him gets us a player as good a Tanev. We may get a high draft pick with “potential”, but not a player who steps in now. Tanev is not worth a first round pick.

Trade Edler

Edler is a workhorse. He still eats minutes like I eat Lucky Charms (mmm). Unfortuantely he seems to only be truly effective when Tanev is with him. He hasn’t been great 5vs5 and now he barely sees PP time. If a rebuild is the new direction, then I think trading Edler and his contract, will be a topic come January.