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The Morning After the Night Before: 5 October 2016

When Emerson Etem teetered on the brink, and injury fakers made a Jesus-esque recovery...

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Last night was a bit of a snooze-fest to be honest. Pre-season is rolling on, but unless the Canucks are in action, I'm not the slightest bit interested. Damn the World Cup of Hockey and its meaningful games!

Despite my general apathy, I am here to bring you the stories from around the NHL. Let's see what today brings:



- Emerson Etem is on the outside looking in at the moment. He had a very poor game last time out. Is there any hope for him sticking? [Province]

- Ed Willes always manages to dampen my spirits. If you're a glass half-empty kind of person, you'll enjoy this piece immensely. [Province]

- Sportsnet with a largely pointless season preview of the Canucks. No new information, but it's nice to see a media outlet not laugh out loud when stating that the Canucks want to make the playoffs. [Sportsnet]

- LEAGUE BIAS ALERT: Although the Sedins 'have started to show their age' - by which I assume they walk into 7/11 and flash their ID when they buy alcohol - they are apparently a good fantasy prospect due to Loui Eriksson's arrival. Hard to disagree actually. [NHL]



- In case you care about pre-season, does a daily roundup of all the games, which I've linked here. Douche alert: Duncan Keith, one of Team Canada's WCoH fake injury dodgers, played and put up two assists last night. I say again, one game ban for skiving from international duty. [NHL]

- Oh, what a surprise! Tyler Seguin will be fit for Game 1. It's almost as if he wasn't as injured as he said he was. [Dallas News]

- David Booth was cut by the Ducks. Not physically of course, but that would infer his NHL career is definitely over. [Ducks]

- Resolutions for the new season by Down Goes Brown. I remember when DGB used to be a fun-loving, comedic look at the NHL. What happened? [Sportsnet]

- Tobias Rieder's holdout gained him pittance as a reward. He'd have been better off signing earlier and getting his employers on side. [AZ Central]

- Finally, the 2017 NHL Entry Draft is already seeing some hype. This draft class sees Nolan Patrick streets clear of the rest, a good 2-6 group, then a bunch of average players. It's not a good class, although will always hype the product. [NHL]


Question of the day: Does Emerson Etem make the team?