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The Morning After The Night Before, 31 October 2016

When the only thing going ‘bump’ in the night was Canucks fans falling over in a drunken stupor...

NHL: Washington Capitals at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I am trying my best to remain positive, but boy oh boy do these Vancouver Canucks make that a tough ask. As I type, our 5-game losing streak has seen initial optimism fade into general despair, excitement into fear, and my marriage into the same old question: "why are you bothering to watch if they always lose?"

I hate when people ask smart questions.

But...there are some positives to this season. Let’s take a look at those, and news from around the league...


  • List of 10 things about our season so far. Reason to be confident? Those negatives can all be reversed. [Province]
  • The Provies always cheer me up. I think we all need that right now. [Province]
  • has the Canucks listed as follows: Goals scored = 30th; Goals for /60 = 30th; PP = 29th; Shots /GP = 30th. Reason to be confident? The only way is up, baby. [NHL]
  • The Comets have been struggling. They have two wins in seven games. Reason to be confident? They can only improve, and they are schooling our kids well in the pro game. [Comets]
  • And if all else fails, remember: we have a 7-foot dinosaur in net.



  • Last night was all about Craig Anderson, playing one day after his family announced that his wife Nicholle is facing cancer treatment. He came back and posted a shutout. What a guy. I’m sure all of us here at Nucks Misconduct wish his wife a full recovery. [NHL]
  • Not to belabor a point, but you can see how much it meant to him.
  • Pity the millionaire sportsmen: Bauer’s impending bankruptcy means some top NHL stars may lose out on endorsement money. I’m sure there are other sticks and gloves players can pretend to like. [TSN]
  • He may have 500 goals, but he doesn’t have a nose anymore.
  • Would you pay $2,222 to spear Zdeno Chara? That’s how much Steve Ott paid for the privilege, and I have to say, that would make for a great birthday present for any Canucks fan. "What’s this? One free spear to Zdeno Chara’s goolies? You guys! It’s just what I’ve always wanted!"
  • Auston Matthews’ four-goal debut apparently made Mike Myers cry. You weren’t the only one Mike, although for entirely different reasons. Sob. [NHL]
  • I’m sorry, I just don’t like the guy. I like my hockey players like Jonathan Toews. Bland and uninteresting, but damn good at their job.
  • And finally...most people gave him a hard time, including myself, but Jimmy Vesey seems to be doing quite well with our old pal AV. [The Score]


Question of the day: How long does Willie Desjardins get before dismissal is considered?