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Canucks v Capitals: Saturday Night's Alright for Scoring?

Vancouver enters tonight after being shut out in two straight. Washington has been struggling, too.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

First some truth:

It's been highly amusing to me to watch the irrational exuberance of 4-0 turn into the irrational despair of the past week. The season isn't ten games old. I know patient watchful waiting and sports blogging do not go hand in hand, but this is embarrassing, that is if one is still capable of being embarrassed by Canucks fans' online presence.

Going into the year, we all should have been prepared for a tough one. It's going to be nip and tuck all year unless injuries derail the team. And while much virtual ink has been spilled on Jake Virtanen, Bo Horvat, Jack Skille and, of course, Luca Sbisa and Philip Larsen, I'd suggest the real problem may be the Sedins and their continued lack of effectiveness 5v5. If they've taken a bigger than expected step back, Canucks are in trouble.

But please, let's let the season breathe before panicking.

Jacob Markstrom Starts in goal.

Meanwhile, down on the farm:

That's mighty thin.

Capitals line-up:

Joey's pre-game notes:

Hockey Night in Canada, Saturday, Halloween weekend. Lots of reasons to be pumped for this one. Enjoy!

Go Canucks Go!