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Canuck Game Recap: Oilers 2 Canucks..meh

Canucks gets shutout for the second game in a row

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks
Gretzky used to dominate the Canucks as well
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

There are certain games during the year that Canuck fans can use as a measuring stick to see where the team stands at a certain part of the year. Edmonton Oiler games have usually been used to make sure that the Nucks don’t completely suck (when they win) or that the season is actually over (when they lose). This year might be the year where the idea of playing the Oilers changes. The talent in Edmonton might actually get their collective shit together and win more than they lose this year. And if the Nucks have any shot to make Benning/Linden’s pipe dream of making the playoffs, then beating Edmonton is a must. Edmonton came into Vancouver with the best record in the Western conference (6-1) and the top point-getter in the league…McJesus. The Canucks came into the game with the stench of losing and injuries creeping into the organization.

You can see that Jake’s words got him 4th line duty or maybe it’s the fact he is injured and no one wants to say it.

First Period

You know the first thing I like about a Van/Edm game, one anthem. Did you know that Ryan Miller has a 1.97 GAA AND .933 sv % going into the game? Give him the Vezina. I am still trying to figure out why people complained about Bo playing with Dorsett, but don’t say a word when he is stuck with Skille.

There was a little back and forth early on and the Oilers hit a crossbar. Watching the Sedins against the Oilers is a not so gentle reminder of how fast the youth of the Oilers are. Troy Stecher was playing his second NHL game and early on saw a lot of Conner McDavid. Stetcher did well to control McDavid’s speed and keep him to the outside on two chances.

Former Canucks Zach “I hate defense” Kassian seems to have found a home in Edmonton and was out there throwing his body around. He laid out Gudbranson along the boards which led to some words about someone’s mom and bad manners and then a fight which I am giving to Gudbranson.

Sbisa then got tangled up with Vancouver’s favorite black sheep son, Lucic, and Sbisa drew the penalty. The Canucks went with a 2 defensemen set to begin the PP, which is a nice change. The Sedins didn’t any time on that PP and like many other nights, there was no goals for the pp.

By the end of the first period Virtanen was out playing with Sven and Bo, so maybe Willie argees with Jake or just gave Jake the rope to hang himself with. With a minute left in the period Gaunce took a penalty to give the Oilers their first PP, but the period ended with no goals.

Second Period

The period began with the Oilers PP and Miller made a point blank save on Eberle from the slot and then McDavid almost scored on a cheeky little move behind the net.

Two things I see so far is that the Canucks have done a pretty good job of keeping the Oilers to the outside. And secondly, the Oilers have done a pretty good job of clogging up the middle during the Canucks break out.

Talbot did a good job against a series of Canuck chances, especially those of Hansen, who looked up to the heavens after the whistle blew. The Danish swear words were flying.

Markus Granlund was robbed a couple minutes later by Talbot’s glove.

Finally, against the flow of the game, McDavid was able to lead a breakout, and after receiving a pass he cuts through the defense and squeaks on by Miller to make it 1-0.

The Sedins were able to get a little Sedinery in the Oilers end with…Sbisa, but again no luck. Watching this period makes me think that the Canucks will be the new Devils. Each game will be low scoring, full of neutral zone traps and shots from the outside. My heart weeps.

Third Period

5 minutes into the period and I really have nothing of note until Kassian was sprung free on a partial breakaway, which Miller stopped. The Canucks passing has looked particularly sloppy this period…heck this entire game. What am I saying…..for games the passing has not been very good, including the Sedins.

And while this dull game continues to go on, twitter continues to call for Groot to play, which still doesn’t make sense to me as he doesn’t add what the Canucks desperately need at this point…offensive skill.

Brendan Gaunce did have a chance as Horvat fed him in the slot but Gaunce was neatly defending by Draisaitl.

Miller then stopped Connor McDavid on a breakaway with just over 7 minutes left in the period.

While Sven couldn’t convert on a pass infront of the Oilers net and the Sedins couldn’t get a clean pass out front to a shooter, Miller went to the bench with 2 minutes left. Lucic was able to put the dagger in the heart of his hometown with an empty netter.

Canucks lose again and have forgot how to score goals. Tomorrow should be fun against Ovie.