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Gamethread: Oilers vs. Canucks

Break the Streak night!

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NHL: Heritage Classic-Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys the leading scorer in the NHL is in town! Dunno if anyone has heard of the McDavid guy, but word is he’s the best guy at playing hockey. Even Wayne Gretzky says so… Wait a minute, he’s a part of the Oilers organization now, he has to say that!

Seriously though, our team has been struggling over the past 3 games (0-2-1) and the Oilers (6-1-0) are flourishing behind a powerful offensive attack and a much improved defensive game. This game has potential to be real good, or really, really bad depending on who controls the game tempo. If the hockey Gods allow us to slow down the tempo and minimize the fast break out chances, we are in a good spot to return to the early season winning ways. If they are fates are against us, the Oilers are going to skate us into the ground and require a Herculean effort from Ryan Miller to keep us within striking range!

It’s Friday night, Hallowe’en weekend and we have HOCKEY to watch tonight and tomorrow! Get a cold one (or hot one if you prefer) and settle in for a showdown of 2 of the top teams in the Pacific!

Coconuts GO!