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The Morning After the Night Before: 24 October 2016

When the Canucks finally lost in regulation, and Nikita Tryamkin made a big mistake...

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a mad few days for me, but I'm glad to be back with the first TMATNB thread of the week. If anyone can think of a better acronym, be my guest. Seriously, I need to shorten this thing.

The Canucks finally lost in regulation last night - to the Ducks, of all the teams - and there's plenty of news around the league. Let's dive right in!



- This aired last night. Please watch.



- Oh boy.

- Recap from the Province is here. All you really need know is that Biega played as a forward, and we lost. Don't upset yourself by reading this. [Province]

- TSN's recap here too. It puts things in perspective, when one team has young names such as Ritchie, Lindholm and Theodore and the other has just Bo. It was this piece that made me think, finally, that this team won't be ready to challenge for a Cup until the Sedins are past 40. [TSN]

- If you're up for it, here's a recap from a Ducks perspective. Interesting to note: Corey Perry tied Paul Kariya for 3rd all-time in Ducks franchise history with his 668th and 669th career points. [LA Times]

- Gifs like this never get tiring:

- In news that should alarm us all, Nikita Tryamkin has apparently denied the team's request for a conditioning stint in Utica. I admire Tryamkin's pluck, and his gumption. As well as his determination and self-belief. But when your boss says 'you need to play games', and you refuse, that is only going to end badly. [Vancouver Sun]



- Never been a fan of his, but 300 goals is a nice milestone:

- There was another outdoor game this weekend. It may be because I'm British, but I really dislike even the notion of outdoor games. I want to see Naslund's jersey above me, not some baseball stadium's lights. And no link here either, I just wanted to moan.

- Daddy posted a shutout kids Be proud:

- In the AHL, history was made as the Monarchs were tended by a father-son duo. A great story, and the only time in the last ten years I haven't hated the Kings. [NHL]



- LEAGUE BIAS ALERT: Waiver wire pickups for fantasy, and Brandon Sutter is only a backup option. When Lee Stempniak is a better fantasy option than you, you need to pick your ship up. [NHL]

- A big change from last season:

- Okay, one thing that's good about the outdoor games: alumni games. [CBC]

- As I said in another thread, Jared McCann's big Floridian adventure isn't panning out exactly as he hoped. He's scoreless through 5 games, playing just 8-10 minutes per night. This, on a team missing two of its top six forwards. [NHL]


Question of the day: Should Jake Virtanen be sent to Utica for development?