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Shuffle Off to 4-0?

Vancouver (3-) hosts the Buffalo Sabres (1-1-1) in a battle of the expansion brothers.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This season has gotten off to a pleasant, if unlikely, start with three come from behind wins. Canucks will not want to test their come-from-behind luck any more than they have to.

Tonight's opponent is a Rorschach test of your view on tanking vs staying competitive. There is no debate they have amassed a lot of talent in a relatively short time. But that talent is having trouble staying healthy. Which is just to say this. If I have one wish for Canucks fans it's that TeamTank would acknowledge just how much is out of a team's hands when they set off down that road. And that Team Amass Youth While Staying Competitive would acknowledge just what a colossally difficult road that is.

For the visitors:

And for your Vancouver Canucks:

Joey Kenward's game notes. He has the radio call tonight.

Enjoy the Game! Go Canucks Go.