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The Morning After the Night Before: 18 October 2016

When Canucks fans were riding high, and General Fanager closed down...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

No links yesterday as I was strategising at work. Seems I'm not the only one...whatever work Trevor, Jim and Willie did this off-season appears to be working! Two games, two comeback wins - is this really our Vancouver Canucks? The team that couldn't close out a game if their lives depended on it last season?

You betcha!

So let's take a look at some Canucks stories, as well as catch up with other happenings from around the league:



- Just because it was so great, let's see that Brandon Sutter winner again:

- Apparently Luca Sbisa climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this summer. Post your uphill battle metaphors in the comments please. [Province]

- IMac with a post-Game 2 recap. I don't care how messy the games have been, it's all about winning. [Vancouver Sun]

- According to NBC, Jake Virtanen won't face a hearing for his Shea Weber-esque face slam of Joakim Nordstrom into the boards. Good news for us. Probably a tad unfair on Nordstrom. [NBC]

- We face the Blues tonight. They are 3-0. And yet our SB Nation cousins at St Louis Game Time are unsure about which direction the team is headed. I'd give my right arm, and spare kidney, for that roster. [St Louis Game Time]



- Detroit beat Ottawa 5-1, thanks to Mike Green's first career hat-trick. That doesn't even seem possible. [NHL]

- The Rangers thrashed the Sharks 7-4, the Avs beat the Champs 4-3, and the Booins beat Winnipeg 4-1. Jarome Iginla scored his 612th career goal in the Avs victory.

- Tuukka Rask became the first Bruins goalie in franchise history to record a 2-assist regular season game last night. [The Score]



- Willie Mitchell is bang on regarding the Oilers' cancellation of a scheduled rest day:

- LEAGUE BIAS ALERT: The first three stars of the season were announced. Some meddling kids - McDavid and Matthews, if any of you have heard of them - and Roberto Luongo make up the three. Quite how no Canucks made the list, I'll never know. We actually won a game, that should be recognised league-wide. [NHL]

- MOAR LEAGUE BIAS: Fantasy waiver wire pickups. Y no Granlund? [NHL]

- In a week where Bobby Lu moved to 6th all-time in wins, a future contender for that spot passed 150 wins:

- #MayRayDown:

- And finally, after CapGeek's sad end, General Fanager slowly began to fill that void for many. Now the founder has been snaffled by those pesky Las Vegas Douche Knights:


Question of the day: Did Jake Virtanen deserve any supplemental discipline?