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Canucks Game Recap: Canucks comeback in third to win...again!!

The Canucks came back from a 3-0 deficit to beat Eddie Lack and the Hurricanes in overtime. The Canucks are now 2-0-0. I know!!! Plan the parade!

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks got to celebrate their first win of the year for 21 hours and then had to get back to work against the Carolina Hurricanes. Carolina…or as I like to think of them Hartford, is a team predicted to be ahead of the Nucks at the end of the year, even though……they suck. I don’t get it. The Canucks haven’t lost to Carolina since my kid was born and I think it goes farther back than that.

Willie made some changes to the lineup so that the radio guys stop bitching about Bo on the 4th line. Mr Markstrom got that start after Miller saved the Nucks ass last night.

I can tell you the convo before the game with these two.

"It's nice they pay me more money for sitting than when I was a starter." ~ Ward

"I can say that in 5 months as well." ~ Miller

First Period

The sweets sounds of John and John filled my house. Hockey night in Canada should just use these guys for Canuck broadcasts. I have to say, I like when Dorsett hits people. It encourages Gaunce to do the same thing and he hits harder. The Canucks had a good start to the game getting some early shots on Eddie "I love tacos" Lack. Mexican food sales went down the day he was traded.

Are you like me, do you giggle everytime you hear the name Aho? You know you do.

The first real chance for Carolina came after this miscue

Henrik had a glorious chance as the Canes made a sloppy change. Henrik got behind the defense and tried the one hand drag behind Lack but he just didn’t have enough control.

After 11 minutes the shots were 9-2 Canucks and I kind of had a feeling the Nucks better score early as their speed surely couldn't continue for 60 minutes. The one good thing about all this speed, was there hardly any whistles.

Random thoughts from a fast moving first:

Brandon Sutter has wheels. I think Sutter/Bo/Hansen would be the fastest line in the NHL.

A lot of Canucks lost an edge so far. Bad ice?

Jordan Staal is a big guy and it’s hard to knock him off the puck.

With 2:24 left in the first, Alex Edler loses him check, Rask, who promptly puts one off the post in the net. And to make sure things get a little worse, Henrik takes a holding call right after.

So Edler screws the pooch and the internet gives us this:

A minute ten after the penalty, the Canes score again to make it 2-0. Man, things got ugly quickly.

After that period we all needed a drink.

Second Period

The period started with the Nucks in Carolina’s zone again. Even Tanev was digging pucks out behind the net. The Canucks continue their bad ways as Gaunce trips Skinner to get a penalty. I give the Canes credit for a smooth looking PP. They really got the Nucks PK unit to spread out as the passes went around the ice. Sedins take note please. Vancouver was lucky to survive that PK.

And no more than 15 seconds after the end of the PK, Justin Faulk skated right through the middle of the Canucks end and scored the Canes third goal on his own rebound.

I was about to reach for another drink, but remembered my daughter has no sympathy at 6 am.

The Canucks got their first PP chance of the night halfway through the period. The PP was terrible as it never really got set up and had trouble even getting in the zone.

Just after the PP ended the Canes got sloppy in their own end and Bo got a shot by Lack to make it 3-1 Canes.

I’m sure there will be a lot of tweeters saying, "See..Bo will score if he is away from DD."

Thanks for doing it Kent.

The Canucks had some late chances between Eriksson, who was stopped by Lack and then Granlund put one over Lack and then Sutter was topped by Lack.

Third Period

The Canucks got going early again as Line 2..or is it 3…I’m getting confused, well anyways they scored as Granlund put in a pass from Hansen.

The Canucks continue to add pressure during the period.

Jake may get a phone call for that extra push to the head

There was a bit of a push back from the Canes as they got two quick shots on Markstrom.

But guess who steps up and gets the equalizer….the fourth line. AMFB/Gaunce/DD looked kind of like a train wreck in the Canes end but Dorsett was able to get the puck behind the net and pass it out to Hutton who sniped one by Lack.

The Canucks went right back on the PP as Horvat was tripped up by Staal. The first unit had a couple chances but still don’t seem comfortable together. I guess it is only game 2.

Hansen and Granlund almost won the game with a nifty pass tip but Lack saved it.

For a second night the Canucks came back in the 3rd period to get at least a point. WTF.


Sutter/Daniel/Hutton begin overtime and holy crap…SUTTER DOES IT AGAIN!! He steals from Skinner, skates down and rips one over Eddie's shoulder.

Canucks start the season 2-0. Plan the parade.