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Canucks Game Recap: Canucks win 2-1 but score all the goals!

Brandon Sutter's shootout winner saves Loui Eriksson's butt after scoring one on his own net. Ryan Miller gets a shutout! (NHL doesn't agree)

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening..morning..afternoon. Welcome back to hockey and to Nucks Misconduct recaps. I’m not sure which is more exciting, the return of hockey or the amount of good writers we have this year at NM. Unfortunately you got stuck with me for the first recap.

I think we can all agree with this sentiment anytime Calgary comes to town.

First Period

Canucks season opener against the Flames for the third straight year. It’s just an early way to get the hate going early, right. The Flames were coming off another loss to the Oilers last night, but seemed to have their wheels going early. The Canucks defense is a big question mark this year…again, but Sbisa, Guds and Edler all came out with hits.

Guds made the first play of the game as he hustled back to swipe the puck away from Ferlund on a breakaway.

And then as the Canucks were about to go on a PP, Loui tried to skate with the puck and by time to get the 6th attacker on the ice and he passed it………..

I think no one could envision that being Loui’s first goal. I wonder if this is the omen of all omens?

When Miller is in net he shows that he is still pretty damn good as he robs Johnny "I got a new contract" Gaudreau. I searched for a GIF of it…but the internet was busy making more Loui own goal GIFS. Poor bastard will never live that down.

Jake had taken a questionable hit earlier in the game from Lance Bouma and JV spent some time in the quiet room to see if there anything to buzzing. I wonder if the NHL will even take a look at the hit ,or just say, "Hey…it’s a Canuck, carry on."

Player safety kind of seems like a joke sometimes.

The period ended 1-0 Loui…I mean Flames. Shots were 9-8 Canucks. On the bright side the Canucks didn’t take any too many on the ice penalties.

I drank during the intermission.

Second Period

Flames put some early pressure on the Nucks, which is no surprise as they are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights and should have some chemistry by now. The Canucks looked flat. I blame this on the Sedins,as they missed most of training camp to play in some other tournament. How can a team learn to play together if the best players don’t show up?

The 3rd and 4th line of the Nucks were able to respond and the latter drew a Flames penalty which led to this…

This joke may last for weeks to come.

The Canucks had no luck on the PP again. I think the PP will be a giant experiment all year and I hope Bo gets some time on the 1st unit.

The Flames got their first PP of the game as Johnny Gaudreau was behind the defense and tried to deke out Miller. Tanev brushed his stick over Gaudreau’s hands and received a hooking minor for it. Brandon Sutter and Jannik Hansen look like a good pair on the PK as they gave the Flames a hard time.

Jake had a great chance with less than 6 minutes left as he intercepted a cross ice pass. Unfortunately he put high above Chad Johnson. And then he whacked Brouwer in the face with his stick…but didn’t get the penalty so it’s all even right?

This was an uneventful period for both teams. My liver had more excitement. I am sure the reporters and bloggers will point out that the 4th line is the reason for no scoring, but the 1st line really didn’t do much out there either. The best part of the Canucks so far has been Ryan Miller and the defense.

Third Period

Here was the start of the period….a little more excitement


The fourth line (DD/Bo/AMFB) led the team in CorsiFor 5vs5 even with this other stat involved

I think this is kind of what Willie wants from a 4th line. The ability to create offensive chances even when you always start in the defensive zone. Keeping the puck out of the net needs to be the priority. Scoring chances will come.

The Canucks almost go on the PK right away as Tanev took his second penalty of the night on Gaudreau who in turn almost scored several times on the ensuing PP.

Canucks updated 4th line of Gaunce/Dorsett/AMFB got a chance on Johnson, which was saved, but the line showed a little fire at the end as they bullied their way into the crease and brought a little fire to the Flames. Dorsett was able to level Stajan and drew a penalty as Chiasson wanted a piece of him. But alas, the Canucks PP was unable to find the back of the net again.

It took 52 minutes for the Sedins/Loui to look dangerous as they got the cycle going for a stretch and dug the puck out to get a shot on Johnson. And again with under 5 minutes left the top line trapped the Flames in their own end. Even Dave Randorf knew it was only a matter of time before the Canucks top line wore the Flames down and Daniel finished off the pressure and saving Loui from being the goat.

So nice we can watch it twice

And just like that….game one of the year goes to overtime. A point!!!


Sedins start with Tanev. I’m sort of torn about the Sedins in O/T as when the pace picks up their age really shows. Horvat/Larsen/Hansen was the next three to get a shot. Then out went Eriksson/Sutter/Edler. I had to take a break typing as the pace got fast quickly and the Canucks looked good against a tired Flames team. Hansen was able to split the defense and draw a penalty with 1:24 left in overtime. The Sedins did their usual pass around and had a few shot attempts but nothing dangerous as the game went to a shootout.


19…umm 20 year old? Sam Bennett came out first and Miller stopped him nicely with the glove

Sven was up next and he was stopped trying to go 5 hole.

Up next was Johnny Hockey for the Flames. Gaundreau came in fasr with a lot of moves but Miller stayed with him and stopped the shot.

AMFB was the second shooter for the Nucks and his snap shot high was stopped by Johnson.

Sean Monahan was the third Flames shooter and Miller got the glove on his shot as well.

Canucks third shooter was the man who already scored…Loui, but he couldn’t get one into the Flames net.

Kris Veersteg was the next Flames shooter and he went for the glove side as well and was stopped.

Brandon Sutter was up next and once again he beat the Flames…just like he did last year on opening night.

Canucks win 2-1 in O/T. 2 points….63 to go.