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Vancouver Canucks milestones for 2016/17

Looking ahead to a big year for the Sedins...

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

This season is a huge one for some of our Vancouver Canucks. With the new season underway and our fanbase waiting for Game 1 this weekend, let's take a look at some of the milestones our boys can expect to hit during the course of this roller-coaster ride of a season:



Henrik is captain of the team, and it is perhaps quite fitting that he has the most important milestone on the team. Currently standing on 970 career points, Henrik needs just 30pts this season to reach the 1,000 mark. He would become the first player in franchise history to achieve that while playing only in a Nucks uniform, and will be a fitting achievement for a man who has led this team for so long.

Milestones achievable: 1,200 games played (34 needed), 250 goals (28 needed), 800 assists (52 needed), 1,000 points (30 needed).

Place in NHL history: 1,200 games played = 107th overall, 250 goals = 287th overall, 800 assists = 31st overall, 1,000pts = 84th overall.

Great Henrik moment:



Not to be outdone by brother Henrik, Daniel Sedin sits just shy of Henrik due to that one season where he missed time. In a 15 year career, just one serious injury for either twin. That is incredible, and shows that their nickname of 'sisters' is well and truly dead. These guys play hard, and suck it up. Inspirations for all Canucks fans.

Milestones achievable: 1,200 games played (57 needed), 400 goals (45 needed, unlikely as it is), 600 assists (13 needed), 1,000 points (58 needed), 80 GWG (2 needed).

Place in NHL history: 1,200 games played = 107th overall, 400 goals = 92nd overall, 600 assists = 83rd overall, 1,000pts = 84th overall.

Great Daniel moment:



In what is likely to be Burr's last season with us, he has some nice bookends to see out his career. He can reach 800GP - a huge achievement for a guy who came through the dregs of professional hockey - as well as the 200 goal plateau. I really hope he can make it.

Milestones achievable: 800 games played (33 needed), 200 goals (16 needed), 200 assists (20 needed), 400 points (36 needed).

Great Burrows moment:



Who knows how his health holds out, but with a full season under his belt, and judging by his pre-season, this could be Eddie's best for a long while.

Milestones achievable: 700 games played (80 needed), 300 points (21 needed).

Place in NHL history: Amongst defensemen only 300 points = 178th overall.

Great Edler moment:



Our erstwhile 1st/2nd/3rd/4th liner, most Canucks fans wouldn't want anything other than another 20 goal season from Beaker. Luckily, he only needs one to reach three figures.

Milestones achievable: 100 goals (1 needed).

Great Beaker moment:



Our newest recruit, so we won't take much from these achievements, but Loui has some decent numbers coming up this season too.

Milestones achieveable: 250 goals (38 needed), 300 assists (8 needed).

Great Eriksson moment:



While most of these haven't come with the Nucks, Miller with just 10 wins reaches the 350 mark for his career - which takes some doing.

Milestones achievable: 350 wins (10 needed).

Place in NHL history: 350 wins = 21st overall (where he is now).

Great Miller moment:


Obviously plenty of other Nucks have milestones to reach as well, but these are some of the biggest ones we'll see this year. When do Henrik and Daniel score their 1,000th points? Only time will tell, but we'll see both this season. Remember where you were, for we'll never see their like again.