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The Morning After the Night Before: 13 October 2016

When Auston Matthews arrived with a BANG!, and the Canucks geared up for Game 1...

Derek Leung/Getty Images

Well that was quite something, was it not? Auston Matthews re-wrote the record books with a modern-era debut to remember. The Leafs phenom potted four goals in the first two periods of Leafs' game last night - which they lost 5-4 - including three goals on his first three NHL shots. It's the most astonishing one-game performance I can remember since Sam Gagner potted eight points for the Oilers back in 2012. Amazing.

Let's take a look at Matthews' stunning debut, as well as the other stories making headlines around the league today:



- Such a special night deserves some love. Four goals, more than any other debut in the modern era. Auston Matthews is some player - look at the hustle and drive on his second goal:

- We all love hockey moms. Matthews' mom was in tears, and understandably so. By the time he scored his fourth, his parents were sat there in disbelief. Watch their reactions here. [NHL]

- Matthews is also as honest as the day is long:

- Bobby Lu is getting wise in his old age:

- In the post-lockout era, with names such as Ovechkin, Crosby, Kane, McDavid and Hall, Matthews' debut was far and away the best. Read about how badly some of those Oilers kids played on their debuts. [The Score]



- A lot rides on the acquisition of Erik Gudbranson. As if we didn't realise that. What I believe this will come down to is Gudbranson's extension - is it a good deal for us, or daylight robbery to avoid losing the McCann trade? [Province]

- Four under-rated D, and guess who one of them is? Ben Hutton! At last, some recognition for our talented young man. [Sportsnet]

- Continuing on from yesterday's mauling of the Canucks in the British press, Down Goes Brown stuff us again. I'd like to play chess against Sean McIndoe. [Guardian]

- I both want to see this happen, and not. I'm so conflicted:



- So much for your Calder Trophy. There are few kids his age I would say I 'hate', but this kid's attitude is the complete opposite of Matthews and Puljujarvi. Enjoy your season in peewee:

- The Oilers are top of the league! Their fans always knew this day would come. [NHL]

- Jonathan Quick was injured last night. While I don't actively cheer for guys to get injured, I'm not going to cry a river over this one:

- Jacob Trouba remains unsigned. How does he project - elite D, or just plain good? [Sportsnet]


Question of the day: Who is doing the pre-game predictions this season? Anyone?