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Canucks push aside the Canes 3-2

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Bo Horvat has the first 2 goal game of his career to carry the Nucks past Carolina.

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So…I hear there was a taco shortage last night. Eddie Lack made his return to the Canuckland as the Hurricanes blew into town. (I shook my head after I wrote that.) Van was coming off a loss to the Coyotes, while Carolina was coming off a 1-0 loss to the Oilers. Can’t really say that I know anything else about Carolina, except they have sucked for years. The last time Carolina was in the playoffs was 2008-09. Did you read that teamtank? That’s what you wish upon us. Sven was back on the second line with Bo and Radim.

First Period

While the sloppy opening 3 minutes went on I looked through the Hurricane stats and noticed that Justin Faulk was leading the Canes in scoring. A defenseman that scores….isn’t that a novel idea. The Canucks hadn’t lost to the Canes since Dec 2011, which kind of makes since Carolina has never been an offensive juggernaut and their goaltending has been shaky. Bo Horvat got two early chances which Lack stopped first with a poke check and then a glove hand the second chance.

I’m still trying to figure out how Carolina got a hockey team.

Not sure if there was a concert in GM place last night, but there sure seemed to be a lot of "Raymond’s" last night. Players were blowing out tires left, right and center. I’m not sure if it was the all-star caliber Canucks defense or the terrible Canes offense, but after 12 minutes the Canes only had one shot on net. The second shot was a breakaway save on Chris Terry. The Canucks fourth line responded with a post by McCann and another near miss on a shot from the point. Edler Then jumped up on the rush and took a pass from AMFB and tested Lack again. Burrows had a very strong first period along with Bo. I’m hoping now the monkey is off Bo’s back he can maybe get 15-20 for the year. Pretty please.

Hank drew the first penalty of the game, but the Nucks were only able to get a post out of the deal. Jared McCann then went all caveman and gloved a puck to win a faceoff and got a penalty for it. The first period ends as it began, with me thinking about having a drink but being too lazy to get up to get it. Oh…and the Canes only had two shots on net.

Test yourself

Second Period

Can I say that Thomas Drance took all kinds of twitabuse before, during and after his segment? He did ok. John Garrett still doesn’t get it, but that’s a tall order. The Canucks were able to kill McCann’s penalty. Radim had a 2 on 1 chance with Sven and decided that passing is for wimps, but missed on the short side.

Six minutes into the second Hanifin was called for holding Sven and not in a loving caring way. So Edler got off 1 and a half shots on the PP as his stick broke on a slapshot attempt. John Garrett knows Edler’s sticks suck. You know whose sticks don’t break, Hank! Of course he does take slapshots.

So remember when Linden Vey scored in a shootout and was loved? Me neither and now everyone will go back to hating Vey as his gaffe on the PP led to a Canes shorthanded goal.

With 2 minutes left in the second, Adam Cracknell catches the Canes defense on a sloppy change and fed it to Sven, who then put it upstairs where Eddie keeps the tacos.

The Canucks then get a PP with a minute left in the period, which turned into a 2 man advantage when a puck was flipped over the glass by the Canes. The period ended 1-1 and I still hadn’t got up to get a drink.

Third Period

So, the Canucks and the PP just don’t love each other anymore. (4% since Dec 13th) The two man advantage went bye-bye and the end of the second penalty went away with no PP goals for the Nucks. The Nucks then went a different way and gave the Canes a PP. I’m not a big fan of that strategy as the Nucks have trouble scoring with an advantage and at even strength, so I doubt the shorty is coming. The Canes got three shots off but no goal.

So if you go back to the first period and re-read my hope about Bo Horvat seems like it was rigged, but I swear I wrote that in the first and Bo heard my whining and scored just for me.

I think I saw someone on twitter say that Markstrom should just put on two blockers as his catching hand is terrible. They even talked about it during the second intermission. Eric Staal went glove-side on Markstrom and the puck went in and out. Always an adventure. And after I typed that Jordan Staal got the puck from a broken stick shot, turned and put on upstairs, glove side on Markstrom to tie the game. If you watch the replay, you get to see a 6’6 giant try to get as small as possible, which made Staal’s decision easy.

More bad news as Hansen tweaked something and while he did try to skate it off, eventually he went to the dressing room with the team doctor.

The Canucks got a final PP with under 3 minutes left after the Canes lifted the puck over the glass in their own end again. And in the end Bo Horvat wouldn’t be denied tonight. He had 36 chances and he was due for more than just one goal. And the Canucks finally get a PP goal.

The Canes pull the Taco guy from his cart with just over a minute left but the Nucks are able to hang on and win 3-2