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Game Day Coffee- Jan 4/16- Canucks vs Arizona

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Even when they win, it still feels like a loss these days for the Canucks. Sure, they came from being down after 2 periods to beat the Ducks, but still gave up that point, and lost another forward to injury.

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Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2016 is full of happiness and all that other hoo-haw. For the Canucks, I am sure they're happy to see 2015 in the rear view mirror as it was a year to forget for the franchise. They did manage to pull out a win in their first game of the year though, but it came with a price, as Ryan Kesler's slew foot (which shockingly was not punished by the NHL, who were likely too busy scouring the game tapes to see if they could catch Jannik Hansen diving) took Brandon Prust out of the game, and he is questionable for tonight's tilt against the Coyotes.

Jacob Markstrom will start again for the Canucks, who are going up against Louis Domingue tonight, who is playing his 3rd straight for the Coyotes after coming up from the AHL to replace the injured Mike Smith. The Coyotes are an interesting team to watch (save for leathery bag of dust and manure Shane Doan) because of the slow rebuild they're in the midst of. A number of good draft picks and trades have the team loading up on youth, to the point of this team having the potential to be a powerhouse down the road. Time will tell if GM Don Maloney's moves will pay off, with rookies Max Domi and Anthony Duclaire providing a nice 1-2 punch, and the always dangerous Oliver Ekman-Larsen providing offense from the blue line for the Coyotes.


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With snow falling in Vancouver, here's a little bit of a curve (snow) ball for ya: TESTAMENT's Eric Peterson with Canadian singer LEAH with a new track called 'Winter Sun'. Interesting tune, and makes me wonder if we'll see these two collaborate for more in the future.