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Way Too Damn Early For A Game Day Coffee- Jan 23/16- Canucks @ Pittsburgh

The NHL Scheduler and the Pittsburgh Penguins can go straight to hell.

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The NHL, by it's very geographical setup is going to have some issues when it comes to scheduling and travel. The Canucks, along with the other Western teams, have lived with this fact, even incorporated aspects of their training and day to day routines because of it. But there is no reason on earth that every time the Vancouver Canucks visit Pittsburgh, that it has to be on a Saturday and the game be played at 9:30 am Pacific time. Yes, the Eastern teams still have to play at 7pm PST when they hit the West Coast (unless you're the Leafs of course). So why in the hell do the Canucks have to keep playing this team 7 hours earlier than a normal game time?

Even having been on the road for a week, their bodies are likely still not going to be in full on game-ready mode at a time when half of BC's still working on their 2nd cup of coffee. It's crap, and in this era of Sportsnet having multiple channels with which to put games on, not a legitimate television scheduling reason for this game to have to be this early. Anyway, let's take a look at this impending loss for the Canucks, shall we?

Ryan Miller will get the nod for the Canucks today, and for all of the outside appearances of a goaltending controversy, the only controversy is that the Canucks have two goaltenders currently saving their asses from being in the league basement at the moment. Miller was spectacular in his last outing against the Rangers, while Jacob Markstrom was once again the story in that big Canucks win over Boston.

One thing that is certain is none of the players involved in the summer time trade between these teams will play today. Brandon Sutter and Nick Bonino are both still injured, and Adam Clendenning was traded away by the Penguins earlier this season.


- I dunno, getting back our 2nd line C seems like not such a bad problem to have

- Even the Canucks are starting touse analytics to evaluate player performance

- ICYMI yesterday, Rene Bourque is so screwed after colliding with Torts at practice and breaking the ex-Canucks coach's ribs

- Things are going to be interesting as the Canucks hover around a playoff spot with the trade deadline approaching

- The delicate dance of starting the youth movement

- I don't know about you, but I am starting to get excited about seeing this kid in a Canucks uniform

- VCB takes a look at Daniel Sedin's 10 best of his franchise leading 347 goals

- Maybe tanking isn't the best way to address the Canucks' needs for the future?


The old school metal geek in me is freaking out about this recently announced show: NWOBHM legends SATAN are hitting Victoria with Funeral Circle and Electric Druids on Mar 29th. To get ready for that, here's a song that, at least title wise seems fitting...