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Canucks beat Ducks in a shootout 2-1

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On a night where Bieksa returns to Van and Kesler scores, the Canucks win in a shootout.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Anaheim came into Vancouver on a 3 game winning streak to face a Canuck team that was completely overmatched against the LA Kings. Chris Tanev was back in the lineup for the Nucks as 2016 begins with the return of Bieksa to Vancouver.

First Period

Not much happened until Bartkowski drew the first penalty against Horcroff, but have no fear 2016 didn’t change the ineffective PP. Especially against the number one PK. There was a nice tribute to Bieksa at the first television timeout and he acknowledged the fans.

With the return of Tanev, young Pedan sat and Jared McCann sat in favor of Kenins. I like Pedan’s first game, but he is the obvious choice to sit for Willie. I would have sat Weber. McCann has been on a long cold streak. With Canad doing so poorly at the WJC, I still believe that it would have better for Jake to stay with the team. Obviously there wasn’t a lot of chances 13 minutes in if I am complaining about Jake. The thing I have noticed is the Bo is out against Perry and Getz. So far it looks like a PP for Ana when those Ducks are on the ice. The best chance with 5 minutes left was a Santorelli post.

The Ducks got their first PP as Bartkowski took a hooking penalty behind the net. The Perry line was causing some problems again behind the Canucks net. The period ended 0-0 luckily for the Nucks

Second Period

The Canucks came out in the second with a little more fire and the fourth line hemmed the Ducks in the end for a while with Prust getting a chance. Bieksa had been quiet up until this point, but he leads a rush into the Canucks zone and gets taken down by Weber and draws a penalty. Markstrom made 3 quality saves on the first Duck PP unit then the second Canu…..Duck PP unit (Santorelli, Kes and Bieksa) came out and Kes scored on a rebound. Fuck you Kesler.

Canuck fans on the net still had hope the Nucks could turn it around though.

Or not….

By the way, in case you forgot about Kesler and what a douchebag he is….

Yep, that’s a slewfoot.

The period ended 1-0 Anaheim.

Third Period.

The Canucks got an earlier PP as Silfverberg skated throught e crease and knocked Markstrom’s stick out of his hand and got 2 minutes. The Canucks continued to struggle on the PP and the one good “chance” was wide shot by Weber.

The Ducks were unlucky not to be leading by more as Anaheim had hit 4 posts by this point. I think they were doing this on purpose so they could win their third straight game 1-0.

Unfortunately for the Ducks Chris Tanev wrecked that dream with a long wrister that floated by Fredrick Andersen to tie the game.

The Canucks then went back on the PP as Kesler gave Hansen a little love tap on the skates. Hansen should soon receive a fine for drawing a penalty. The Nucks couldn’t get a good chance on the PP. And the period ended and off to overtime we went.


The Canucks won their last and only overtime game, but let’s remember that a broken clock is right two times a day. Luckily the Ducks are also crapping at three on three as they were 0-5 in O/T going into tonight.

I’m pretty sure Kes wanted to play the whole O/T. I am also pretty sure that there were planty of fans yelling for Bartkowski to get off the ice after the night he had. The only really good chance was a literal last second partial breakaway by Hank.


Alex Burrows starts the shootout with a quick wrister to the blocker side and a goal. Next to go was Kesler, who was stopped…thank god. Radim Vrbata tried a move to the backhand but was stopped. Silfverberg was next and was stopped by the glove of Markstrom. Linden Vey tried to be the hero again but was stopped by Andersen blocker. Corry Perry was the last shooter as Markstrom closed the hole under his arm and the Nucks win 2-1. This was the first win for the Canucks trailing after 2 periods.