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Canucks make it to overtime against the Rangers....then lose.

The Canucks get a point after giving up 50 shots. They might be asked to give it back.

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The east coast trip continued as the Canucks traveled a whole 7km to Madison Square Garden to face the Rangers. Don’t look now #teamtank, but the Canucks are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games and are 9th in the western conference. The projections continue to show the Canucks fading at the end to miss the playoffs, but they play the games for a reason. The Rangers are coming off 5-2 loss to the Capitals and loss the last game against the Canucks 2-1. Ryan Miller got the start after a 47 save performance against the Islanders. Lots of line juggling as Hank is out until after the all-star game.

1st period

The pep talk didn’t really work at the Rangers rang one off the post 23 seconds into the game. Just over a minute later Miller made a stop on a 3 on 1. So another very slow start by the Canucks. Alex Burrows and the second line were able to finally get some pressure in the Rangers end. JT Miller had a point blank chance to score and just missed. Miller than stoned Lindberg and Stalberg

I noticed Ben Hutton a few times already this game. The first thing is Hutton is going to have to learn to take the body sometimes instead of trying to strip the puck. Secondly, he had a really good rush and that’s what the Canucks need from their defensemen.

With 11 minutes left in the first period Bo lead a rush down the wing and around the net where he then passed out front to Sven who scored his 8th of the year. That was Bo’s 20th point of the year.

The shots for the period were 17-11 for the Rangers but the Nucks did get some good opportunities after the Sven goal, but the Rangers did make a push in the last 4 minutes in the period. Luckily the Nucks escaped with a 1-0 lead at the end of the first.

2nd Period

I don’t know what it is about the first 2 minutes of a game or period that the Canucks can’t get their crap together. They were running around chasing pucks and not getting set up in the defensive zone, which gave Kreider a good scoring chance and Stephan had a great chance as well.

All those chances that were created by the Rangers forecheck had to pay off eventually…right? Yes…of course. Matt Bartkowski was going to go to the box but the Rangers scored before the ref could blow his whistle as Stepan put in a rebound.

The Rangers continued to keep the pressure up with a great forecheck and hit their second goalpost of the night. The Rangers do a good job of finishing checks and really dominate most of the play in this period. The second line of the Canucks was really the only line that created havoc for in the offensive end. Biega got called for a cross-check at 12:17, but the Canucks were able to control the puck for a portion of that PK and killed it. The Canucks were pinned into their end a lot of the period and the twittershpere was unhappy.

And wouldn’t you know it, against the flow of the game the 3rd line was able to get into the offensive zone and get control of the puck in the corner and Alex Burrows drove to the net to deflect an Etem pass to end his 25 game scoreless drought. Etem must have felt good to get a point against the team that gave him the old heave-ho.

It was back to all Rangers after the Nucks goal and the shots after two periods was 30-17 for the Rangers, but the score was 2-1 Canucks.

Here’s the post that was hit by the Rangers (4th post) just before the end of the period.

3rd period

The start of the third started with a backhand chance by Bo that was tipped above the net and then a stop by Ryan Miller on JT Miller. Right after that stop Rick Nash took a slashing penalty to give the Canucks their first PP of the game. The Canucks gave the hosts a quick chance as Fast got a breakaway chance that he couldn’t get past Miller. The Canucks couldn’t get the PP even set up to create shots. This is definitely one area where Hank’s calming influence is missed.

7 minutes into the third period and the Canucks had no shots. That’s right…zip….zero…nada. Ryan Miller stoned Zuccarello and then Stalberg on the doorstep. 9 minutes into the period and the shots are 10-0 Rangers. I think Miller asked his teammates to try and let the Rangers get 50+ shots.

The Canucks got their first shot of the period with 8:50 left in the period. Nice job Radim. Did you ever try and eat a triple scoop ice cream cone in 40 degree heat? Sooner or later a drop of ice cream will fall to the ground. Well, with all the shots at Miller it was bound to happen…..the Rangers scored after the Nucks couldn’t clear the zone.

With 5 minutes left the Rangers keep putting the pressure and hit another post. The fans started to chant, “Let’s go Rangers.” And I had flashbacks of 1994. The Canucks were able to survive the rest of the period to get another point on the road.


The first thing that really happened was Radim and Kreider ran into each other and both were dazed and slow to get off the ice. Then Nash had a great cut towards the net and Miller stayed with him. Hutton had a chance on a break and lost control of the puck. JT Miller had chances all night and on an innocent looking shot, which Ryan Miller thought he had, JT was able to get the rebound and wrap it around to end the game.

The Canucks were lucky to get one point on a night where Ryan Miller made 47 saves. And I didn't notice one bad play by Sbisa.....unlike Bartkowski.

Here are all the stats for the game.

Please take it easy on me unlike the folks who comment on Canucks Army recaps.I'm old.