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Game Day Coffee- Canucks @ Rangers

Another day, another episode of Manufactured Canucks Outrage ©. Whether it's imports or exports, Canucks Outrage seems to show up over the most trivial of things.

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And that's not to say that Canucks fans being miffed about Mikhail Grabovsky getting a freebie from DoPS on his shove from behind on Henrik Sedin isn't warranted. It's truly mind-boggling that this play, when it's widely acknowledged that hits/shoves from behind this distance from the boards is dangerous and irresponsible didn't even warrant a fine. At the same time, I have completely abandoned hope that DoPS will ever get a call right, and that their moniker should read Department of 'Player Safety'. No, the outrage here came from Islanders fans, and the usual gang of pilers-on, from the hacks to the somewhat respected who seem to never miss an opportunity to take a shot at the Canucks, no matter how heinous or wrong they may be in doing so. I thought about compiling some of my favorites, but some family commitments today have kind of derailed that, but let's just say the number of people coming out to claim Hank dove/turned into the hit/was faking injury was both shocking and not surprising at all because Canucks.

I take a lot of crap around here for being the bringer of doom and gloom. Some of it is tongue-in-cheek I know, but there's some of you who feel I take a harsher view on the team's chances than is needed. I would love to see the team win more often, really I would. Is that the best thing for them long term? No, and I am not a bad fan for saying it. Missing the playoffs and getting a high-end draft pick is going to be beneficial to this team's long term success. But I knock the team because, whether you want to accept it or not, they are really, truly awful. There's only a couple reasons they're not in last place right now: The Sedins and BOTH goaltenders. The problem is and will continue to be defence. So here's Rhys Jessop on TSN 1040 talking about just how dire the problem with the back end is, and how one guy is the source of most of the misery (spoiler alert: it's Luca Sbisa).

And hey, what was one of the things we were told about Brandon Prust when he came here this summer? Good in the room, right? A real team guy. So what do these cornerstone type players do when they find out that the team, struggling to balance lines due to injury and a need to rotate young players in the lineup do when he discovers he is the one who will be a healthy scratch? Pull a childish tantrum and force management to put him in the lineup, naturally. Yes, Brandon Prust's need to play against the team he left 4 years ago. Not even the last team he played for. So, for sheer entertainment value alone, Canucks twitter is going to be a hell of a lot of fun tonight as they shred Prust if he's unable to notch anything less than a hat trick.


- Alex Biega's hard work has earned him a spot in the lineup and won't be going back to Utica. Yannick Weber better like popcorn...

- Hank's been sent home til after the All Star Break, and that leaves the already thin center ice position a lil thinner

Sure he was damn good against the Islanders, but does this mean they're starting Jacob Markstrom against Boston?

Is all the effort to squeak into the playoffs even worth it?

- Jared McCann is getting a big chance on the 1st line tonight


I've played Greek thrashers EXARSIS before here on my postings, but I am really happy to show you their latest video for the track 'Change Of Plans' off the album 'The Human Project'. In the words of the band:

"This is the 2nd video clip for "The Human Project" and a really special clip for us because cause we did something from our hearts...
Since "Change Of Plans" talks about forced immigration and poverty, which is a fierce problem in Greece nowadays, we decided (instead of releasing a big budget video clip with the band playing) to shoot this motivational video for all the people in the streets (immigrants, homeless etc.) who are in need of our help!!!
We are not actors, this is not staged (what you see is what happened) we just did what we felt and it took 8 hours to shoot but we really enjoyed it and had fun...Big thanks goes out to Antonis Skaramagκas and Danae for helping us out FOR FREE!!!"

Really cool to see these guys, especially in a country that is struggling with their economy the way Greece is, show everyone how easy it is to just take a moment and help your fellow man.