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Game Day Coffee- Jan 17/16- Canucks @ Brooklyn

Yeah I said it. The Canucks are coming off a win that they can thank Bo Horvat and Jacob Markstrom for (and not really anyone else), as they take on the Islanders in Game 3 of this 6 game road swing.

Ryan Miller will get the crease tonight, as the Canucks continue their road jaunt with their first visit to the Islanders new digs in Brooklyn at the Barclay Center. It's been since October since the Canucks have been able to post back to back wins on the road, and they could get a boost come game time with the additions of Jannik Hansen and Luca Sbisa IF they're ready to go. We will know closer to game time, but Hansen for sure would be good to get back in the lineup today.

Let's face it though: even Hansen isn't gonna save the Canucks if they don't tighten the hell up on the back end. They've given up 40+ shots 2 games in a row now, and that is not a winning strategy, especially for a team that struggles to score goals at times. I know asking the Canucks to play even semi-competent NHL level defence this season seems like an impossibility, but with a team that boasts the kind of fire power the Islanders have, it's gonna get ugly if they can't provide some support to Miller.


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