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Disposable Heroes: The Fall Of Alexandre Burrows

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Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

There have been few Canucks in franchise history who have been more controversial than Alexandre Burrows. He is the epitome of the bad guy for us, much like guys like Gino Odjick or Todd Bertuzzi. He was leading the team to victory, as he slayed the dragon in 2011 and even won game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals in OT all by himself. He was playing mostly with the Sedins and putting up 218 points in 270 regular season games from 2008-12, including 9 goals and 17 points in 25 playoff games in the 2011 run. In times like those he could bite fingers and shit-talk/spear opponents and we loved him for it. He was the local hero. But what about the 82 points in his last 207 regular season games? How about the 3 goals and 6 points in his last 12 playoff games? How about no goals and 1 assists and -6 rating in his last 21 games? How soon great feats can be forgotten.

After Chris Higgins was put on waivers on Tuesday, as a trade could not be had, many speculated on who could be next on the trade block. Burrows' name came up frequently, given his struggles, his 34 years of age, and with the Canucks under Jim Benning shooting at getting younger. The 34 year-old Burrows is slated to make $4.5 million dollars per season until the end of 2016-17. So if you thought the struggling 32-year-old Chris Higgins' $2.5 million contract was hard to trade off, imagine Burrows'....

Are there any redeeming qualities in Burrows' play this season? Where is he at right now?

-8th on the team with 12 points in 41 games.

-His -9 is 4th-worst on the team.

-his 2 power play goals ranks him 4th on the team

-his 5 power play points rank him 5th. This isn't gonna amount to much good for his 5 on 5 play.

-his 74 shots on goal rank him 4th on the squad, but with that, a 6.8% shooting percentage doesn't bode well.

-His 15:43 time on ice per game ranks him 7th among forwards

-Burr's average 1:40 penalty kill time on ice ranks him 4th among the forwards.

-His 2:37 power play time in ice behind the Sedins and Vrbata ranks him 4th among the forwards as well, which means he is being given every opportunity but not excelling.

-OK at hits

-Didn't he used to block a lot of shots? Not anymore.

-Misses a lot of shots.

-Not a lot of giveaways but plenty of takeaways to his credit.

So...unless there is a massive change in his performance you have to think that Burrows' time as a Canuck is ending. Recently, Willie Desjardins put Burrows back with the Sedins and it was a fruitless endeavor. Burr used to click occasionally with Ryan Kesler as a secondary option but that option is no more. I don't mean to pick on Burrows solely, because Radim Vrbata is not doing a whole hell of a lot of good either. I checked on players that were involved in a Burrows scoring play this season, looking for a trend and there was none. Burrows is clicking consistently with no one. Brandon Sutter's return is not likely going to ignite Burrows.

I hate it! Burr is one of my favorite all-time Canucks and I f***ing hate seeing him struggle like this. I hate that his days as a Canuck could be numbered. But this is a new Canucks management team and any player that was from the past (Gillis) regime is expendable. It is what it is.

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