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That Ends That: Chris Higgins on Waivers

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The youth movement claims another veteran.

Fair thee well Professor.
Fair thee well Professor.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports


The Vancouver Canucks placed winger Chris Higgins on waivers Tuesday after announcing a few days earlier that they intended to trade him.

Higgins, 32, has another year left on his deal next season at $2.5 million.

The combination of his plunging production, increased rate of injuries and the team's youth movement - which only increased with the arrival of Emerson Etem last week - marked the end of the line for Higgins in Vancouver.

Besides his Abs, the guy we humbly called the Professor for his ability to contribute no matter the line he landed on, Higgins will be remembered as one of MG's clutch acquisitions - along with Max Lapierre which is just tough to write out many years later - that helped the team on the Cup run in 2011. Higgins was well liked all around and hopefully he lands somewhere where he can contribute and take another long playoff run.

For your review, some video highlights to remember his time in Vancouver: