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Lunchtime Links: The 346 Edition

In which Daniel Sedin ties franchise great Markus Nasulnd for most goals scored in team history. Not bad for a guy with sticky peanut buttery fingers.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another reason to appreciate the Sedins. One of the sublime pleasures of my hockey watching life has been watching those two perform with class, dignity, honour, and at a high skill level. That the goal 346 ended Florida's streak was just jelly atop my peanut butter sandwich.

For me, the best moment of last night's post game melee was when John Garrett proclaimed it to be like old time hockey, and Shorthouse just let the line die. That gentlemanly slapfight was as far removed from old time hockey as could be. Or, in the words of Dale Tallon on Toronto radio this morning:

It appears the league agrees:

Postgame links

Jeff Paterson

Carol Schram

Canucks News Today

Before boarding the plane to finish off their 2015-16 string of games in the eastern time zone, the Canucks placed Chris Higgins on waivers and sent Andrey Pedan to Utica. Brandon Sutter, Jannik Hansen and Luca Sbisa are all on-board the Canucks' plane.

Around the League

Kevin Connauton, former Canucks second round pick, wasted traded to Dallas for Derek Roy, is also on waivers today. I doubt he makes it to Vancouver, but he seems like a slight improvement on the right side D than some they have been playing.

Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts, with this Higgins and Canucks tidbit:

The Canucks were roasted locally for letting Frankie Corrado get away on waivers, and this move undoubtedly was made to prepare the fanbase for the possibility it could happen again. John Tortorella is a Higgins fan. With the Columbus coach blasting his veterans, I wondered if the Blue Jackets were a match. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Also some interesting stuff about the top of this year's draft, Colorado at the 50 contract limit.

Gary Bettman tells Calgary mayor to get with it and spend city money on CalgaryNext, including the Flames' new arena, saying Calgary won't get league events like the draft or All-Star Game at the Saddledome. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi remained unmoved. More over at Matchsticks and Gasoline and at Field of Schemes.

Coach Q in Chicago gets a three year extension.

Columbus Blue Jackets twitter wonders if Powerball is at all like the NHL Draft Lottery

Down Goes Brown's Sean McIndoe appears to have landed at VICE Sports, after being let go by ESPN after Grantland's closure.

Ryan Whitney shares some stores from playing in Russia at the Player's Tribune.

Carolina colorman Tripp Tracy curses the Blue Jackets' cannon.

Denna Laing, the Boston Pride player badly injured at the Women's Outdoor Classic in Boston on January 1, released a message on her Facebook page. Inspiring is overused, but this is such a positive message in the face of physical tragedy. Who knows the long-term effects of her spinal cord injury -- they can do wondrous things with spinal cord rehab these days, especially with an outstanding, motivated person like Laing -- though the spinal cord is also such an unforgiving bitch. As a spinal cord injury sufferer myself, I can only look at Laing with extreme admiration. Took me much longer to get to the place she is, a place that ought to give her a chance at the best possible outcome.


Denis Potvin on XM NHLNetwork today reiterated his claim Daniel Sedin was DISREPECTFUL.

Jeremy Davis of CanucksArmy says he's getting fed up with the way Willie Desjardins uses his players. It's an interesting article. I'm not sure it totally holds up. Last year, Willie rolled four lines and was fairly universally praised. This season, where the Sedins are one year older and the focus is greater on player development, I'm not terribly upset with him continuing to roll four.

The stats-focused, ESPN affiliated site FiveThirtyEight asks in their latest HotTakedown podcast: Is Alex Ovechkin better than Wayne Gretzky?

RIP David Bowie. Not only was he a musical genius and visionary, he was an innovator in finance -- the Bowie Bond -- and an Internet pioneer -- BowieNet -- too. His final album, Blackstar, came out last week, along with video for the song Lazarus, now confirmed by his producer as Bowie's goodbye. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.