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Game Day Coffee: New Year, Same Crap- Canucks vs Ducks

Happy New Year. Tonight we get to see the biggest game of the year for the Canucks. Well, biggest in terms of narratives and the people who push them. Is it important to stand up to the Ducks, show up Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa, or should they, I dunno... try and win the game?

The last game of 2015 for the Canucks might as well have been the poster child for what has become of this team. There were moments where they looked like they might almost be able to compete, but overall they are simply not in the same league as a good portion of the teams in the NHL. Sure, there's injury troubles with this team. But it just seems that the same problems continue to haunt the Canucks: Defensive woes from top to bottom, a lack of secondary scoring and yes, even bad luck. These things all snowball on this team, who once again seem to treat a one goal deficit like it's five.

So is tonight a huge game with the return of Kevin Bieksa (and to a lesser extent the douche bro who left before him in Ryan Kesler?), and thoughts of payback on guys like Ryan Getzlaf who took some excessive liberties against Canucks rookies Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen? Truth be told, it's more about getting two points and not giving the still floundering Ducks any at the same time.

And that brings us to the latest drama: Jannik Hansen being fined for a dive in that game against Tampa. For reals. $2000 for embellishment, yet Brayden McNabb got a freebie on Henrik Sedin the other night in LA. Those of you who have read my stuff over the years know I am always very adamant about one thing: Consistency, not Conspiracy. It's not that the NHL is out to get the Canucks, it's that there's a level of incompetence in the departments that look at these two incidents that is quite frankly shocking to see in a professional organization. When it was announced, it was so ridiculous I had to see if it was posted by the Onion, given the way that game was officiated. There's simply no benefit to the game of hockey to have two officials utterly and completely dictate the pace of a game like that, and then hammer home that you think it's acceptable by giving a fine to Hansen, especially considering how many tumbles Ryan Callahan took during that contest. It's laughable. It's embarrassing. It made wrestling officials look legit. So please, NHL: keep on doing what you're doing. Wrestling is huge, and the more you can bring the game of hockey to parallel this sport, the better, right? That's got to be the game plan here.


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The metal world lost one of it's heroes the other day with the passing of Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, shortly after his 70th birthday. A man so legendary the music world couldn't believe his passing, as he seemed immortal at times. Lemmy was Motorhead, a band thrash metal as a whole, and countless other bands owe their existence to. One of the few metal bands that transcended the scene to become a part of the mainstream without ever compromising. Lemmy was the poster child for hard living rock and roll: drugs, alcohol and yes, despite his somewhat less than dashing looks, sex. He was not just a bad ass, he was THE bad ass, and he left a musical legacy that will endure far beyond the hair-sprayed pretenders of his time. Picking one song out of that catalog was not easy, but this is one that always sticks with me when I think of Motorhead.