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Let's Point And Laugh At Ryan Kesler's Four Goals: Ducks @ Canucks

Ryan Kesler still sucks. Sorry, but not sorry.

He probably blamed the ice for this.
He probably blamed the ice for this.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I'm being a jerk, right?

Perhaps you're saying "It's not very professional of you Mr. Blogger guy to pick on a player for his poor production." Maybe you're thinking "Anaheim is a better team; focus more on that and not one single player Mr Blogger guy." Or maybe your thought process is something like: "You're just a bitter old Mr. Blogger guy who can't let the past go."

For those of you in camp three, congratulations. You're right. I don't like whining quitters who stamp their feet and demand to be traded to only one of two teams. Crazy right?

Tonight will be more about Kevin Bieksa returning to Vancouver and that's great. Not the most talented lad, but Juice bleed and fought for this team like few others and didn't want out before the writing on the wall was screaming at him to do so. That's why Bieksa being on the same squad next to Ryan Kesler is so jarring. One puts the team first, one puts himself first. And I say this as a Blogger guy who listed Beast Mode as my favorite player for years.

So am I bitter with how he left? Yup. Will I let it go soon? Nope. What's the best possible scenario left? Besides kicking off 2016 in style by steel-toeing this underachieving group of Disney cast-offs further down the Pacific standings by a Vancouver squad literally taped together, it's praying to the hockey gods 2011 is the closest RK17 comes to touching the Stanley Cup.

Fun fact: there are 239 players with more goals than Kesler.

Boo this man until your throat bleeds.

You're stuck with me as the gamethread pilot now. Please accept this puppy now for all the cursing coming your way.

Happy 2016.