Is It Fantasy Time ? Apparently it is, our last manager is in !!

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Fire up that armchair and put your GM hat on !

So here we are, starting the month of September, discontent from lack of real hockey news, and anxious to see what the future holds.

You are certain that a particular trade or acquisition has doomed or improved your team, or that the player(s) affected by those trades and acquisitions will be renewed and invigorated by the change of scenery and their stats are about to explode and you are the only one who really knows whats going on.
You can't wait to bury yourself in video playback, old recorded games, or advance stat until you break your math. You need to strut your stuff and pit your predictions and conclusions against the very best the armchair world has to offer.

Its Fantasy League time !!!! Yes or No?
Get your vote in and let your voice be heard! Fire it up, fire it up!
I've thrown myself into the commish position for the first time, and Kiwinuck has graciously agreed to be co-commish,

UPDATE : We have a league, people !! (no more bailing, or you'll bring some terrible curse upon yourself)

DRAFT TIME ADJUSTED TO OCT 4th, 11a.m. MDT (subject to revision, based on league votes)

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