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John Weisbrod Tapped As New Assistant GM

"This is the most interesting guy who nobody knows"


If you were concerned who was replacing recently-terminated Laurence Gilman and Lorne Henning then I'd hate you for to miss this release conveniently snuck in next to the Sutter extension news...

Vancouver Canucks President of Hockey Operations, Trevor Linden named John Weisbrod Assistant General Manager today in addition to a number of new and enhanced roles to the Hockey Operations and Human Performance staff.

Weisbrod first joined the Canucks as Vice President, Player Personnel on July 7, 2014. As Assistant General Manager, he will work closely with Jim Benning and Trevor Linden on player personnel decisions, provide strategic direction to the professional and amateur scouting departments and support day-to-day team operations.

You should read the release for all the other legal and player development positions that were filled, including former fourth line shot blocking magnet Ryan Johnson being named to assistant director of player development.

Weisbrod has an interesting background: selected #73 overall by Minnesota in the 6th round of the 1987 NHL Entry Draft (fun fact: Vancouver selected Doug Torrel seven spots before that but he never suited up) but he, too, never played on NHL ice either. He transitioned to scouting with the NJ Devils and eventually ran their AHL club, winning the Calder Cup in 1995. He then moved on to the now-defunct IHL and managed the Orlando Solar Bears - who had a splendid logo - to a championship in 2001 (more fun facts: that championship team had both ex-Canucks Mike Weaver and Darcy "I blackout in a fight" and "I'll fight a Canuck in the next game" and "I was waived on a horrible Edmonton team" Hordichuk).

Weisbrod then moved, via the owner of the Solar Bears, to a front office job and eventual GM of the NBA's Orlando Magic (with mixed results). Not long after he returned to hockey, first with Dallas in 2005 and then in Boston in 2006 (HINT HINT HINT) where he moved up to eventually became their director of collegiate scouting (HINT HINT HINT HINT). He stayed with Boston until just after their 2011 Cup win when he transitioned to Calgary before being ousted under the Burke regime in 2013. He's been a VP of player personnel for the Canucks since last July.

As mentioned in the Sportsnet link above: "This is the most interesting guy who nobody knows," said an NHL executive..."

After the summer so far, I think we can all agree that we need more Morgan Freeman to send us home: