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Utica Comets Unveil New Third Jersey

And broke the internet. Okay, not really "broke", but it got Canucks Twitter going during the doldrums of August, so there's that.

This morning (Pacific Time at least, or as I like to call it: "Real Time". Up yours, EST!) the Canucks' AHL affiliate Utica Comets unveiled a new 3rd Jersey to be worn at times during the upcoming season.

My personal first impressions were basically a series of words I can't really use here, but after a 2nd and 3rd glance I started to like them. While the style reminds me of a green version of the old-school Capitals uni's, and the colour scheme seems to be an offshoot of the old Hartford Whalers, the overall appearance seems unique.

Then Thomas Drance put this out there, and as only Drance could, pointed out a few interesting and clever points of familiarity:

Pretty sharp eye there, Mr. Drance. And with that in mind I started to like the sweater even more.

Of course my opinion don't mean sheet around here (the internet), but what do you think?

Here's the link to the full photo gallery (via Facebook)