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Open Thread: August 19th Which 3 Canucks would you keep?

This guy has rockets on his skates
This guy has rockets on his skates
Rich Lam/Getty Images

The summer is dragging and I know there are some hockey related topics coming, but until then let's look at the hypothetical. Who are the 3 Canucks or players in the farm system, that should be kept all all costs?

I'll start just to get things going and to see this phrase from many below : "You're wrong!!"

Bo Horvat: No brainer. He has the hopes and dreams of all Nuck fans on his shoulder. He can shoot, he is learning to pass more and looks to have a two-way game. He needs a couple more years before we see a 30 goal scorer.

Alex Edler: Some would say the Tanev is the future, but I think Eddie has more skill, grit and is just a bigger presence. The way the defensive core is right now, Eddie's style is needed.

Cole Cassels: This is our Kesler replacement. He can score and pass and has a temper.